Sunday, 17 February 2019


There is nothing better than getting a good, well rested night of sleep. I am a morning person, which means i'm usually a happy chappy straight from the get go when I wake up. But this is not always the case for everyone. A mattress can determine the quality of sleep you get. If there's springs poking you or you getting up in the morning with a stiff neck or body it can all be due to the mattress you are sleeping on. 
There are a few signs that could indicate that you might need to change up your mattress:
Sore body & the feeling of unrest
Over time your mattress may not be supporting your body in the way it initially did when it was brand new. A mattress is one of the most used household items. We spend numerous amounts of hours using it, so we need to ensure that it is promoting our overall health and not contributing to the detriment of it. If you are waking up feeling tired as if you have had no rest at all as well as regularly waking up with aches and pains it could be time to change up your mattress.

Age & overall quality
For most buying a bed is usually a long term purchase. But how long is too long when having a bed & making use of a mattress. It is said that as a rule of thumb you should replace your mattress every seven years. Beyond these years mattresses tend to get saggy and less comfortable. Also check your mattress for dust mites, mould & bacteria. If you have cleaned the mattress repeatedly and it is still exacerbating your allergy symptoms, you may want to simply replace it.

Visible signs of wear & tear
This is a no brainer, if your mattress looks like it needs to be replaced it probably should be. If you sleep better on a hotel or guest bed that could be telling you something. Unfortunately once a mattress starts to fail, it will only get worse.
 With that being said Edblo stays up to date with global sleep trends to ensuring that you are provided with the latest in sleep technologies to ensure a better night’s rest. If you buy a new Edblo bed from the 1st Feb - 30th April 2019, you can go on the website, ( and submit your details to be entered into the competition where you can stand a chance of winning your share of R250 000! #EdbloSA #Vote4GreatSleep
You can use this to find your closest Edblo stockist: 

Monday, 10 December 2018

A gift for the whole family this festive season

The festive season is upon us and some of us have already started to scramble for ideas on what to get, for everyone in the family this festive season. Getting a pair of socks of different colours got very old very quickly after the first year that you tried it so the time has come to really do something that would “Wow” the whole family. This is easier said than done as every person has their own tastes and interests and no one gift would be a good match for everyone.

A good starting point to search for the perfect gift is to figure out what every member of the family is a fan of. There is Dad that is a die-hard football supporter, Mom that loves binge watching her Game of Thrones series, little Brother that cannot get enough of Marvel superheroes, Sister that is in love with Aquaman and Granny that constantly talks to her grand kids about how much she loves Snow White and other Disney princesses. Well it seems that you have just stumbled upon your list to get everyone the perfect gift!

But where are you going to find something that is related to all of these subjects without having to travel to the far corners of the planet to find it? There is one company with the slogan “everyone is a fan of something” that might just have exactly what you are looking for, and in one place. Funko Pop! collectables literally has a character for any taste and you are bound to find a character that will be perfect for every member of the family. For your Football-fanatic Dad you can get an EPL player. For mom, a Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen would be perfect. How about getting The Avengers collection for your little brother and then an Aquaman for sister that she can talk to when no one is around. Granny would love a Snow White figurine to accompany her stories that she tells the grandkids and it would take her back down memory lane as well.
There are also collections that you will be able to gift to the whole family where each member of the family can get a character to complete the collection. Examples of these collections would be the Parr Family from the Incredibles or the Justice league from the DC universe. So let’s just see how that would make the perfect gift for the whole family: Dad will get Batman, Mom will get wonder woman, Brother would get the Cyborg and Granny can get the flash to be her little helper.
Funko collectables also has the potential to start a collecting hobby so it is really a gift that will keep on giving and the best part is, you would be able to buy Funko Pop! collectables next season again to fuel their ever growing collection. Funko figurines will also be much better received than those socks that you were planning to get everyone again. 
There's a really cool competition on my social media platforms that will be launching today. You can enter and stand a chance to get your hand on these collectables.
Funko products are available in SA from from BT Games, Cardies, Hamleys, Incredible Connection, Musica, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Vodacom stores. 

It is also available online on,, and

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Incognito Bar

Constantia’s newest bar and events venue, Incognito, opened at The Alphen Boutique Hotel recently, adding a sleek sophistication to the luxurious property’s historic class. Incognito bar is housed in a striking steel and glass structure, which provides a stylish contrast to the historic beauty of The Alphen’s gardens and the Manor and Mill Houses. The acoustically engineered design makes Incognito an ideal location for any occasion whilst a curated cocktail and small bites menu caters for after-work drinks, intimate get-togethers and exclusive events.
Incognito’s refined mix of food, drink and design add allure to any affair. “The space is striking and contemporary, with a unique personality,” says Alphen Hotel General Manager Terri Jabaar. “We’ve sought out the finest examples of every element – from the d├ęcor to the food – to make the Incognito experience unique”.
Incognito is the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitif before heading over to dinner at blanko or la Belle – or sample a delightful offering from the in-house menu. It’s also the ideal eventing space for any special occasion that requires a touch of the unexpected.
Without any doubt Incognito's signature cocktails & light bites is the perfect setting to have a bit of after work fun. Incognito will be a definite hot spot for the coming summer days.

Incognito Trading: Monday – Friday 16:00-00:00; Saturdays 12:00-00:00 and Sundays 12:00-21:00. For more information, visit or mail us on

Monday, 29 October 2018

Deck the halls with Joy this Festive Season

The festive season is without any doubt my favourite time of the year! Merely because its the time when everyone chooses to unwind, sit back and enjoy life a little more. We have roughly about 2 months to go before the end of December draws close, but let me say when I received this press drop from Cadbury it really put me in such a good mood. I am even more excited for the festive festivities to commence. The Cadbury allows you to spruce up your festive gathering and spread Joy across your home with the limited-edition Cadbury Festive Collection.
The range includes two of the much loved, delicious and back by popular demand treats; the Whispers Snowballs (Cadbury Dream coated, malted honeycomb bites), and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Festive Whisper slab. There’s more – the introduction of an all new and exciting set of four delightful Christmas Baubles.

The baubles are filled with treat size chocolates, each with a different Cadbury favourite; Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Flake, Cadbury Top Deck and Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly.
And, before you unwrap and tuck into these delicious treats, embrace your creative side and spread some Joy by using the baubles to decorate your festive tree or table.

The Cadbury Festive Collection heads your way soon and will be available in major retail stores from October 2018.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Avon Beauty Pop-up store

So Avon currently has a pop up store running in Canal Walk Shopping Centre from the 22nd - 28th October 2018 & now you get to shop all of your favourites! I attended the launch on Wednesday and managed to stock up on all of my must have items. 
I had to stock up on my all time favourites such as lip liners, liquid eye liner, eye makeup remover, matte lipstick, scented lotions as well as those must have essentials such as makeup brushes!
On the other hand I love Avon as it really is a company that believes in Beauty with a Purpose. Avon has afforded many South African women and mothers financial freedom as well as flexibility, a fact documented in an Oxford University study which highlighted: Women that sold Avon for 16 months or more earned enough to manage their household expenses. Independent Avon Representatives' income put them in the top half of women in the their communities in terms of what they earned every month and put them in line with what the average black man earns Independent Avon Representatives learned business, sales and marketing skills that can be transferred to other employment or business opportunities
Avon has raised and awarded more than $1 billion worldwide towards vital issues affecting women including breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief – affecting lives of women and their families worldwide.
Make sure to check out the pop up before it's gone!  

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Life Update

Cannot believe that the year is slowly but surely drawing to a close. It went by so fast! I haven't been writing & posting as much on my blog but will definitely be doing it more often. I actually enjoy it so much and cannot believe that I neglected to do it for such along time. The year is quieting down on my side which is great as it gives me time to do the things I truly enjoy. Not to long ago I shot a look post with Lisa Wayne Creations & it was so nice to do it again after a good couple of months of having my head stuck in the books. Ill be doing another post where Ill share what I was up to and why I was rather quiet on my blog :)
Another thing that you all might have noticed is that I haven't coloured/bleached my hair for the longest time. I am just growing it out which is super weird for me as I use to do my root touch ups religiously every 5 weeks for over 3-4 years and now I am just winging it which is both liberating and so so good for my hair! I have been rocking my natural hair and it helps as it takes minimal heat to wear the fro.
Some of you might have seen my post on Instagram about getting my first tattoo! It was the scariest, but most liberating thing I could have done. I have always wanted a tattoo but never knew exactly what. I wanted it to be something meaningful that I would never regret having and the moment it came to me, I knew it was something I would love forever. My sister, cousin & I decided to do it together as we wanted it to be something we could look back on & remember. I did a mini video on my instagram you can actually watch it on my highlights. I decided to go with an origami airplane with a trail leading into a heart. It perfectly signified my love for traveling and flying! The first time I got to travel to London a couple of years ago by way of winning a competition. That trip really changed my life. It broadened my mind and changed the way I viewed life. This little girl from CPT realized that there is life outside of our circumstances. She can DREAM BIG and BE whoever she wants to be! Hence my tattoo symbolizes the absolute freedom that traveling has brought me!
I just graduated a couple of days ago which I will share with you in another post. But I am so excited for this new chapter in my life! I am ready to get the ball rolling again on the blogging front and create great content that gets my creative vibes glowing again!

Top: The Fix
Pants: The Lot
Shoes: Mr Price
Bag: The Lot
Watch: Casio SA

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Review: The Chelsea Clinic & Spa

So a couple of weeks ago I was treated to a 90 minute luxury facial at The Chelsea Clinic & Spa. Let me start of by saying that this facial was completely different to any other facial that I have previously received. I arrived at the spa & was given a short form to fill out about my skin, any concerns & problematic areas etc I was then lead through the beautiful spa to the room where my treatment was being done. Can I just point out that this spa is beautiful, tranquil & definitely a space to relax & rejuvenate.
The Chelsea Clinic & Spa is a unique place, entirely devoted to beauty and well-being. We are highly respected within the beauty industry and widely regarded as one of the most innovative and Top Aesthetic / Anti-Ageing Clinics in the country.

The 90 minute customized Luxury Facial contains the following: The therapist started analyzing my skin, she asked me some questions about the history of my skin which would in turn assist her in customizing the best course of action for me. All skin types & tones are different. She proceeded to cleanse my skin & added some steam to open up my pores. I have extremely oily skin & also suffer from mild acne. She proceeded with a gentle exfoliate & then looked at my skin under a microscope to determine whether extraction was needed & It surely was. I tend to get deep rooted pimples which means they are usually locked under the skin & causes painful bumps.
Once the extraction process was completed I received the most glorious masque, customized serum applied to target my problematic skin areas & ended off with a decadent shoulder & facial massage. Bliss to say the least...
What makes the luxury facial different to a Chelsea basic facial is that it will include any facial waxing and tinting desired at no extra cost and is 30 minutes longer. If you decide to not have any facial waxing, tinting or extractions the therapist will fill the time with a longer massage. I opted for a brow tint as my brows are so light you would think I have none...TRUE STORY!

Now a few weeks after my luxury facial I can literally see the improvement in my skin. All in all The Chelsea Clinic & Spa is an amazing place for sound skincare advice & a tranquil setting to relax & unwind.

+27 (0)21 797 5001