Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Review: Avon Nutra Effect

 I’ve reviewed "Nutra Effect" a little more than a month ago & I cannot wait to tell you all about this new products from Avon. After trying and testing it for myself some of these products has found a firm spot among a few of my favourites. We as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients in our personal care products. 
More consumers are choosing to make healthy choices, and when it comes skin care, women are interested in products that will enhance their natural beauty. In addition, we are more careful about the products that we use on our face and prefer products that are suitable for sensitive skin.
About the range:
Taking care of your skin starts with preparation. Nutra Effects offers a universal Self Foaming Cleanser and Mattifying 
Toner – suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skins). The gentle formulations (enhanced with the power of cleansing berries) are soap free & pH friendly, designed to deep cleanse skin, removing make-up, dirt and oil without stripping or drying out your skin. 
These cleansers can be paired with any of the Nutra Effects moisturisers.
The initial platforms on offer are as follows:
Balance Range: 
Perfect for Combination Skin types or Oily Skin Enhanced with the power of chia seeds and mineral mattifying powders, these moisturisers deliver nutrients to your skin, whilst mattifying shine-prone areas.
Radiance Range:
Suitable for all skin types. Enhanced with the power of bird of paradise seeds, to deliver radiant, more even-toned skin within just 3 weeks.
Ageless Range:
Suitable for all skin types. Enhanced with the power of pomegranate seeds, these moisturisers are designed to boost the production of skin’s collagen**. Leaving skin looking firmer, smoother, and more youthful.
While creating Avon Nutra Effects, Avon scientists came up with the unique idea of harnessing the nutrients from seeds. The seed is nature’s most powerful creation: potent, compact, nutrient-rich - the source of life itself. Avon scientists followed a rigorous process to identify seeds that are beneficial for skin’s beauty and created – Active Seed Complex. This is a combination of seed extracts plus an essential antioxidant and vitamins. Formulas with Active Seed Complex work across multiple skin layers for skin benefits that our consumer can feel and see. Additionally, our formulas are also suitable for sensitive skin, 100% allergy tested and free of parabens & dyes.
See Avon website: here

Review: LUX #8hoursofbold

Have you tried the Lux Sheer twilight body wash? Since 1925, Lux has been bringing the best of beauty – and the pleasure that comes with it – to every woman in the world. Made like the costliest French soap and known as the beauty secret of some of the most glamorous stars– from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to Shu Qi and Aishwarya Rai – the alluring beauty treats delight women in more than 100 countries worldwide every day.
The luxurious lather of a liquid soap gives the intense fragrance of Lux Sheer Twilight body wash an amazing bloom, leaving a stronger, more distinct and longer-lasting fragrance. All you need is just three incredibly easy steps to get the most out of this whole new shower experience for an indulgent, luxurious and fragrant cleansing regime like no other.
Step One: Lux
Wet the loofah in the shower before pouring an adequate (a coin sized) amount of Lux Sheer Twilight body wash onto it.
Step Two: Loofah
Gently massage the loofah to work into a rich, luxurious lather and enjoy the intense and alluring fragrance of Lux® Sheer Twilight.
Step Three: Lather
Smooth lather all over your body and indulge in perfumed pleasure. A treat for all your senses!
Lux Sheer Twilight body wash is available at all leading retailers stores.
Recommended Selling Price
Lux Body Wash 200ml – R21.99
Lux Body Wash 400ml – R34.99
Lux Body Wash 750ml – R54.99

Monday, 24 August 2015

Twincares Launches: ibd

So I was invited to the launch of "IBD" which are the leaders in the professional arena priding themselves on high quality nail care. 
Founded in 1970 the brand has grown to become recognized by professionals in over 70 countries around the world and remains part of the top 3 brands in the UK and USA. ibd continues to expand into all categories to offer a full service ibd nail lacquers and Just gel polish set the bar for quality and constantly being on trend, with a numerous amount of matching gel to lacquers shades, there is a color that will suit any occasion.
Why you should choose an Ibd product:
·         IBD has been the innovator and leader in the gel category for 40 years
·         IBD the first to invent many gel products commonly used today. 
·         IBD is trusted by professionals. 
·         IBD continues to expand into all categories to offer a full service line of products
If you would like to find out which salon stocks Ibd in your area, please contact: carley@twincare.co.za & click here to follow on Facebook

Monday, 17 August 2015

Salon 58: Lovely

Jackie Burger presented Salon 58's fourth soirée for 2015 entitled Lovely, on Saturday 15 August 2015 at the P.J. Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch. I was lucky enough to have been invited to this stunning event.
 Lovely marked the beginning of Salon 58's spring/summer soirées and was attended by about 100 guests. The conversations extended to four aspects of a modern woman's life: business, spirituality, beauty and fashion. As at previous soirées, the focus was on the conversations: 
Unlike previous soirées, guests were treated to a brunch by Martjie Malan of M Patisserie, fresh juices from Juicebox and Graham Beck Brut Rosé NV. Lovely was in association with Orange Babies South Africa. After welcoming the guests, Burger introduced Audrey Mothupi, the chairperson of Orange Babies South Africa by raising their glasses to a foundation that truly changes lives.
Orange Babies South Africa is part of the Dutch Orange Babies charitable foundation that works to transform the lives of women and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa by preventing mother-to-child transmission and caring for orphans and vulnerable children by providing medical care, nutrition, education and daily support. On Saturday, Mothupi presented a limited-edition 12-piece dinner service decorated with designs by 12 top artists, such as Lisa Brice, Kudzanai Chiurai, David Goldblatt, William Kentridge, Moshekwa Langa and Sam Nhlengethwa. All proceeds of the sale of the dinner services will go towards supporting Orange Babies’ work in South Africa.
After the lunch break came what was the highlight for many of the guests, the salon show curated by Burger with new-season style inspirations from Cape Town concept store Maison Mara. The focus was on trans-seasonal investment pieces such as the white shirt, a denim shirt (made new by the silk denim fabric) and a pin-striped trouser suit, all from Mason Mara’s exquisite range by designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Heimstone, Proenza Schouler and Acne to mention a few.
Last but not least, guests shopped the Salon 58 Gallery Boutique where carefully selected beauty products and fashions by the designers who participated in the fashion show were on sale.

"Lovely, to me, is about upliftment, lightness, and enlightenment. The talks, the fashion and the entire experience were therefore a celebration of womanhood in all its lightness, something many of us forget in the course of our hurried lives."
~ Jackie Burger
 Outfit Details:
Top: Foschini
Skirt: Foschini
Shoes: Mr Price
The next soirée, Salon 58’s fifth, will take place in October 2015.
Confirmed date to be announced on webtickets.co.za.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Review: Gumtree & Shepherd

Have you heard about this new agreement called “Shepherd”? If not you would by now be asking who and what is “Shepherd”? As an avid Gumtree user Shepherd reduces the risk of fraud for both the Buyer and the Seller. As a trusted third party, Shepherd receives, holds and releases funds online, according to transaction terms agreed upon by both parties.
From dodgy sellers to just plain weird buyers, dealing with someone you don’t know is a scary business. It’s always risky to walk around with cash and meet some stranger on some street corner just because you really want that IPhone he advertised online. That is why Shepherd arranges both online payment and delivery for you, so you don’t need to carry around cash or meet a stranger anymore! So whether the seller is in your own hometown or in another city, Shepherd can help you conclude your transaction hassle free!

So now you would ask, how does it work?
Step 1: Buyer and Seller Agree on a Price
A buyer and a seller start e-mailing each other on an online classifieds site. They agree on a price and would like to trade secure using Shepherd. The seller kick starts the process by logging into Shepherd. The buyer is notified via e-mail and sent a unique transaction number.

Step 2: Buyer Pays Shepherd
The buyer logs in and finds the item using the unique transaction number. She pays the agreed amount and Shepherd keeps her money safe and secure. A notification is sent to the seller to tell him that the buyer’s payment has been reserved. The seller logs in, and pays our cheap courier rates. He then prints the waybill and waits for collection.
Step 3: Shepherd Sends Courier to Seller for Collection
The courier collects during office hours and gets the parcel on its way to the buyer.
Step 4: Buyer Inspects Goods Once Arrived
On delivery, the buyer opens the parcel and checks the item. She accepts or rejects it.
Step 5: Shepherd Releases Money to Seller When Accepted
If accepted, Shepherd releases the reserved payment to the seller - minus our miniscule fees. If rejected, the courier simply returns it to the seller and the buyer’s reserved payment is refunded - less the return courier fees. The courier still wants to be paid, see. But Shepherd will waive the transaction fees!
Is there a cost involved?
Shepherd charges 3.95% of the transaction value with a minimum charge of R30. Not bad for complete peace of mind, don’t you think? Well if this is something that might interest you, but you still have a few questions, click here for some FAQ.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Review: Hisense H6 Infinity

I’ve had the Hisense H6 Infinity for about a month and I must say off the back that this phone impressed me in more ways than one. When it comes to choosing a cellphone, it really is a tough choice. With all the different models and brands available on the market it’s quite a daunting task to make sure you're choosing a phone that fits into your lifestyle and has all the capabilities expected of a modern day gadget.
My phone is one of the single most important devices that I use on a daily basis. I mean my phone is what wakes me up in the morning. It is what reminds of those important birthday days and events that I would have forgotten of otherwise. It is what I use to chat to my mom & sister daily and not forgetting to do all of those necessary banking transactions. It’s what I use to update my instagram feed, edit my pictures and even take a #selfie with now and then. It's quite evident that my phone is an important and crucial part of how I live and operate on a daily basis, this is why choosing the right phone is so essential.
The Hisense H6 is rectangular in shape and fits quiet easily into my hand. I find when a phone is too big it’s really uncomfortable to handle but I didn’t find the size a problem at all with this handset. It has a 5 inch screen, which a little larger than an average display, which I believe would make the viewing of videos and photos much more pleasurable. The phone's body is 138.50 mm high, 71.50 mm wide, and has a depth of 7.90 mm, 11% thinner than an average smartphone in the 4.6 - 5.0 inch screen range. In fact, it's thin enough to have a case and still be thinner than an average phone.
For storage the base model of the Infinity H6 has 16 GB of internal storage, which is a modest amount for storing an operating system along with music, pictures, and video. Fortunately, you can cheaply expand its storage by as much as 32 GB with a microSD card.
For battery life the Infinity H6 has an advertised talk time of 5 hours, a bit less than the overall average of 8 hours. In terms of battery capacity, which is the best indicator of overall battery life, it holds 2,000 mAh, which is just than the average of 2,000 mAh for a phone.
Camera capabilities
For me when purchasing a phone, camera quality is probably the most important to me. I find the first thing I check is the picture quality & clarity. This is what really impressed me with the Hisense is that the camera quality is really good in comparison with the other phones I’ve tried. You will at times find that the phones back camera is amazing and then the front camera will be really crappy. Being the #selfie queen that I am the front camera (5 megapixel) photo quality was pretty good which I did not expect at all & the 8 megapixel rear (primary) camera, produces high quality photos. This was a winner for me.
My Verdict
I am really impressed with the functionality and the camera capabilities of this phone. The price tag of just around about R3500 it's really worth it for what you actually get. I would really recommend this phone if you looking for a great phone without the hefty price tag.