Tuesday, 11 October 2016


It’s no secret, that I absolutely adore Miglio Designer Jewellery, you might have even seen me model some of their pieces in a campaign I did with them a few months ago too. But never the less with every new campaign the product just seems to get even more beautiful and absolutely timeless as we know Miglio Designer Jewellery to be. Every piece that I own is so versatile and interchangeable that with ease I can easily mix and match old pieces with newer pieces and it just continues to look so chic and fresh!
The newest piece of Miglio Jewellery that I love is this neck piece it forms part of the new collection called Obsession. This collection features textured chains, pendants, bangles, stylish earrings as well as a cuff and cocktail ring all in burnished silver with light chrome and clear Swarovski crystals.
 I love that it can actually be worn 2 different ways. We all know that money is tight these days and we are all want more bang out of our buck hence, this stylish piece is so versatile and can be worn one way for a classic and elegant finish or if neck piece is turned around it can be worn as choker with a pair of denims some black heels and beautiful top.
I love how effortlessly chic these Obsession earring set is. I love wearing simplistic pieces whereby it can be worn over and over, but not look to obvious and this definitely  is one of those pieces. I don’t know about you, but I hate not wearing earrings. If I ever do go without them I feel rather bare. If you are a wearing a bold neck piece, this understated yet modern earring studs with complete your look with ease.

These Obsession crystal earrings are such show stoppers. I can actually picture wearing it with an elegant dress have my hair beautifully pinned up and wear these earrings for maximum effect. You really don’t need to do much, these earrings will do it all for you.
 You can view the new full Obsession collection: here
… in the words of Jenny Miller, CEO and Designer of Miglio Designer Jewellery,

There is something special in the air.
Liberating. Alluring.
Rich, Intense and Intoxicating…
It’s called Obsession. Wear it.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hanover Comedy Sundowners

So on Sunday past I attended the Hanover Street Comedy Sun-downer show. Or let me rather put it into context I have literally attended every comedy sundowner every month since the start of the year. That is just putting it mildly as to how much I enjoy going to GrandWest Casino & Entertainment world every 1st Sunday of a new month. 
The ever popular Lottering, known for this hit stage shows Grootbek, From the Cape Flats with Love and This is Captain Lottering Speaking, is an award winning stand-up comedian who has become a household name as a result of his numerous TV appearances over a career that has stretched over two decades. I was personally beyond excited to see Marc Lottering, I've heard him do comedy many times before. But for some reason it was even more intriguing to see him do it live and he was absolutely brilliant to say the least. His style of story telling is so unique and engaging that you cannot help but completely ball out with laughter. 
There was another comedians that really stood out for me too, it was Martin Davis which was exceptionally brilliant. Martin Davis was really amusing with his British accent discovering & exploring the world of cultures that South Africans carry. He did some really great cape coloured impersonations of which made me so proud to see how far we have come as a nation & that we could actually laugh at the crazy yet quirky things that we do.
The thing that I love about coming to Hanover Street month after month is that there are always a variety of coveted comedians, some are well established and some of these comedians you wouldn't have heard of before that's how new they are. But it is here where I seem to always find those rare gems of exceptional comedians. It is really an event not to be missed. So make sure you don't miss the next show. Make sure you stay in the loop of every upcoming show follow @hanoverstreetSA on twitter as well as check out the event & entertainment page for all things happening at GrandWest Casino & Entertainment world!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Nail Candi

I am obsessed with pretty nails. When my nails are done and looking pretty for some reason I just feel so well put together. I love experimenting with my nails, so you will always see me wearing bright colours and following the latest trend in nailart. So by saying that, if you love doing your nails as much as I do then just you have to check out the Nail Candi website. Nail Candi has built a reputation on exceptional product quality and the best in customer relations. 
As trendsetters in the nail business, Nail Candi provides a selection of fashionable nail art and brand name manicure products that is manufactured to a high standard and are highly sought after. You can be assured that they will supply you with the newest must-have collections of nail art fashion and manicure products. 
 This is a 5 Piece set, 2-way dotting & marble tool set. Different points for different size dots and different designs. Colors of dotting tools may vary
Ever wished you had a little nail polish bottle holder that you could use to paint your nails virtually anywhere - the bed, beach and beyond? Well now you can with this smart nail polish bottle holder! It can hold virtually any nail polish bottle but if you find it doesn't hold your smaller bottle so securely, lift one or two of the tabs.
It snugly fits any sized fingers.Use the grips on the sides to easily remove the holder from your fingers without smudging your fingers. You can also use the holder to store some acetone to clean around your nails as it's acetone resistant.
So over the course of the month, I will be creating fun nail arts using these tools. So you definitely have to follow me on my social media platforms or check back on my blog to see the how to tutorials!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: The Curl Company

So I’m constantly on the search to find amazing products that work for our natural curls and this product is no different. In the past I have used many products that either left my hair oily, stiff and lifeless. But I have this product to be perfectly designed for us naturally curly hair girls.
So let me give you a bit of background: The Curl Company is a curl expert brand developed with the complete focus of satisfying all hair needs of curls and waves consumers. The Curl Company contains the unique Professional CURLPLEX, a blend of Moringa Oil and Meadow foam, specifically formulated by hair experts to cleanse, enhance and define curls and waves.

I received 3 products to test and try out and I must say these products are absolutely amazing:
This Sulphate Free Shampoo & Conditioner is an absolute treat to use. If you are using a Shampoo and Conditioner that contains sulphate the short explanation is that you are literally washing away the moisture from your hair & if you want beautiful bouncy curls sulphate free shampoo & Conditioner is definitely what you should be using.

There also many other reason that you should be opting for a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner such as it reduces the risk of developing irritation and inflammation in the scalp, it increases moisture retention in the hair, improves and retains hairs natural oils, it retains hair colour in dyed hair for longer & it prevents your scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals. 

These Curly Company products are available exclusively from all Clicks stores from end of June.
Sulphate Free Shampoo – R119.95 (250ml)
Effective cleansing : first step towards defining curls and waves
• Sulphate free
• Ultra-hydrating formula to replenish moisture
• Smoothes & calms frizz
• Strengthens & protects against humidity
• Boosts shine & radiance
• Colour Safe

Sulphate Free Conditioner – R119.95 (250ml)
Moisture rich for beautifully defined curls
• Deeply nourishing formula
• Rehydrates curls
• Eliminates & calms frizz
• Defines & enhances natural curl structure
• Adds shine & vibrancy
• Colour Safe
Curl Defining Mousse – R179.95 (200ml)
Ultra-hold for perfectly soft, defined curls
• Defines curls & waves
• Eliminates frizz & smoothes unruly flyways
• No crunch formula, leaves curls soft
• Defends against humidity & heat styling
• Colour Safe
Got a Curl problem?
Each product has a solution for you with easy to follow curl education on the back of the pack. This range is dedicated to help you find out what kind of curl you are and how to get the best from them. The Curl Company styling range smooths and defines curls whilst helping to defend against humidity and control frizz. Suitable for curls, waves and coils.

Available exclusively at Clicks stores

Friday, 23 September 2016

Carribbean Tan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream

I received this Carribbean Tan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream yesterday and I absolutely cannot wait for summer to come around now. Carribbean Tan is the No 1 selling sunless tanning brand in SA and they are known for manufacturing world class tanning products. When it comes to beautifully bronzed skin this is definitely the answer.
So if you not wanting to commit to the a 2 week tan the new and improved Tinted Body bronzer Shimmer cream is the way to go for gorgeously glowing skin. The packaging has been beautifully upgraded and the formula has been enhanced too. It is formulated with Vitamin E and Cranberry Seed Extracts, providing you protection and hydration for your skin while giving off the perfect sheen. 

Soon ill be loading some pictures of my shimmery bronzed body, watch this space xx

Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Takealot.com, Caribbeantanintl.com and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

ZO Skin Brightening Treatment

So about 2 weeks ago I got to experience the most amazing ZO Skin Brightening Treatment at Legs eleven Beauty Aesthetic Specialists in Cape Town. I have done many different facials as a blogger but nothing quite as refreshing and fresh as this treatment leaves your skin feeling. So while getting the treatment done I was explained in detail as to what each product does and why DR Zein Obagi the creator of ZO® Skin Health, Inc. is so passionate about skincare.
DR Zein Obagi’s journey into skin health began 35 years ago when he created Obagi Medical Products, Inc. and today, his energy and enthusiasm for healthy skin is as strong as it was then. Dr. Obagi originally conceived and brought to market what would become the world’s most recognized brands of physician dispensed skincare products 
11 Steps ZO Skin Health Skin Brightening Treatment
Step 1: Cleanse 
Face is cleansed with Offects Hydrating Cleanser to gently remove makeup and impurities from the skin. It also helps lock in necessary moisture for a healthy complexion with Panthenol and Allantoin.
Step 2: Exfoliate
Offects Exfoliating polish (a.k. “the love bite”) is lightly massaged over the face and d├ęcollete and improves skin texture and restore glow in just one minute. The ultrafine magnesium crystals polish the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting healthy circulation and cell turnover. It enhances the penetration of active ingredients. Vitamins A, C E and c-ester provide antioxidant protection to the skin.
Step 3: Activate
Offects Exfoliating Polish Activator with lactic acid is applied to enhance the exfoliation process and promote skin renewal. It dissolves the polishing crystals within 2 minutes turning the crystals from rough to smooth on the face. There may be a mild warming sensation as this takes place. It leaves the skin smooth and radiant, with a more even skin tone...
Step 4: Peel Prep
A prep solution is applied with cotton pads to remove any excess oil on the skin for better penetration of the peel solution. It also delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation benefit and helps brighten the skin. with mulberry, liquorice, bearberry, and scutellaria extracts, kojic acid, lactic acid, ascorbyl palmitate and other botanicals.

Step 5: Peel
The Ossential Stimulator Peel is applied with gauze and may give a slight tingling sensation and flushing to the skin. It is left on for 2 minutes. This Alpha Hydroxy peel (10% concentration of Mandelic, lactic and citric acid) is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. It stimulates cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together , allowing the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to be sloughed off more quickly to reveal healthier cells underneath, The Stimulator peel improves skin texture and tone, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the appearance of dark spots. It is the perfect “lunch time” peel leaving your skin glowing with no downtime
Step 6: Neutralise
The area is then neutralized with pads soaked with Ossential Peel Neutraliser (sodium bicarbonate) restoring the skin to its natural pH. A warming sensation may be experienced. This may last up to 10 seconds and then dissipate very quickly leaving the skin calm, balanced and soothed.

Step 7: Hydrating Massage
A cooling, soothing and hydrating masque, the Ossential Aloe Hydra Masque is applied and massaged into the face, neck and decollete for 5-10 minutes. Perfect to restore lost moisture in the skin and herbal extracts provide soothing benefit to reduce any redness and irritation.
Step 8: Skin Brightening masque
The skin brightening sheet masque is gently smoothed over the face including the eyelids and left on for 10 to 15 minutes. A unique blend of brightening ingredients (Arbutin, mulberry root extract, green tea, vitamin E) helps to brighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation to create a more even skin tone and a fresher, clearer and more youthful appearance. 
(Thought i'd add the scary but so relaxing image for your viewing pleasure)
Step 9: Replenish 1
Ossential Growth Factor serum plus is applied to the face and neck. This provides the skin with the necessary amino acids, vitamins and peptides to accelerate the cell renewal processes started by the peel
Step 10: Replenish 2:
Ossential daily power defence serum is applied to the face and neck. It replenishes nutrients and provides the skin with the necessary antioxidants and DNA repairing enzymes to protect the skin from UV damage and accelerate the healthy skin process.

Step 11: Protect
Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 is applied to the face and neck. This formulation provides the broad spectrum protection the skin needs. It contains natural melanin, titanium oxide and zinc oxide to provide advanced, triple-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, HEV (high energy visible light) and infrared rays) . This amazing sunscreen doubles up as a makeup primer for smooth, flawless application of make-up.
Incredible Before and Afters - Images: disclaimer 

If you need any other information please visit: www.legs11.co.za or http://www.zoskin.co.za/

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dear Dear supports GreenPOP

So anyone that has read my blog would know about my obsession with Dear Deer satin pillow cases, so for those of you that don't know here is a bit of info on why these pillow slips are not like anything else you would have previously tried:
"Dear Deer satin pillow slips maintain natural moisture balance in your hair. Prevent dry, fizzy and dull hair therefore keeping hair shiny. No more split ends or breakage, and they help your blowouts last longer. They minimize facial wrinkles and puffiness. And won’t absorb your expensive face creams"

In celebration of Arbor month (September) Dear Deer is making a big fuss helping Greenpop spread the word about their Tree-mendous project. Greenpop is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet & each other. They plant trees in urban greening and reforestation projects & have fun doing it.
Greenpop was founded in 2010 and has since planted almost 70 000 indigenous and fruit trees at schools and other urban sites, community farms as well as forests across South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. It’s a Treevolution. Get involved!

Dear Deer donates R5 of every white satin pillow slip sold to this Treemendous project. And to celebrate Arbor month we have now launched selling trees on our online store. www.deardeer.co.za/products/greenpop-tree Customers can now sponsor a tree (or two, or three) and they will receive a personalized certificate to showoff and inspire others to get involved. Dear Deer will donate the full R120 to Greenpop.

Competition Time:
Get involved by clicking “Like” and “share” a Greenpop post on the Dear Deer Facebook page (Click here to be redirected to the post) & Follow Dear Deer on Instagram click here.

You can the stand a chance to win a set of white pillow slips and Dear Deer will also buy/sponsor the winner a tree worth R120, which will be donated to Greenpop, you will get send a personalised certificate!

Make a difference and get involved!