Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Spanx arrives in SA

 Worry no more about muffin tops, panty lines and tummy rolls, thanks to the arrival of the world’s leading shape wear brand Spanx! Spanx is now available in South Africa thanks to leading lingerie and swimwear distributor, PDL Distributors.
Unfortunately I ccouldn't attend due to having prior commitments at work but not to worry, my correspondent and best buddy Crystal Hendricks took one for the team.

“Across the globe, women everywhere have at least one thing in common: we want our backsides to look slimmer, firmer, and panty-line-free!” explains Spanx Founder, Sara Blakely.
“Spanx has been overwhelmed with requests from fashion-forward women around the world, asking us to bring our shaping secrets overseas and we’re thrilled to be launching in South Africa.”
Sara Blakely sparked an undergarment revolution in the USA with Spanx , using innovative fabrics, designs, and comfort features to minimize figure flaws and help women look slimmer without sacrificing comfort. Fashion-loving stars Beyoncé, Oprah, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively swear by SPANX.

Spanx founder Sara Blakely was getting ready for a party when she realized she didn't have the right undergarment to provide a blemish-free look under white pants. Armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut the feet off her control top pantyhose and the Spanx revolution began! In addition to the first footless pantyhose, Spanx is responsible for countless other industry-changing inventions including the first-ever shaper short with no leg band, the revolutionary shaping camisole, control-top fishnet pantyhose and the first back-smoothing bra, the Bra-llelujah! With an array of problem-solving products for every body type and budget, Spanx has secured its place in women’s hearts and in pop-culture with daily mentions everywhere from CNN to SNL.
In March of 2012, Sara was named the world’s youngest, self-made female billionaire by Forbes Magazine and one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and opening retail shops across the United States, Spanx can now be found worldwide in more than 50 countries. In addition to keeping butts covered from Savannah to Singapore and now South Africa, SPANX also shapes the world by focusing on their mission: To make the world a better place...one butt at a time!
Imagery: Copyright © 2014 Jurgen Hansmann 
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INOAR Extreme Premium Oil

 I’m really into all hair products at the moment as it takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep my tresses, in managing condition. This exclusive product has arrived to aggressively treat hair. NO MORE split ends!
First Hair oil containing the luxurious, sacred healing oil – MYRRH. It's a light weight, non greasy silicone infused formula is instantly absorbed into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection.
With a combination of the following oil, your hair can fully repair and rejuvenate to its natural healthy form:
• Argan• Macadamia• Coconut• Sesame• Rose• MYRRH
The benefits of using this premium oil is:
• Heals, seals, moisturise, rejuvenates and protects
• Heat protector
• Promotes growth
• Eliminates Frizz
• Fix split ends
• Cures and treat dry and tender scalp
• Produce luminous shine and silky protection
I have started using this product; will let you all know in a couple of weeks what my findings :) It retails at R545

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Monday, 17 November 2014

REVIEW: KADUS Professional, Deep Moisture Intensive hair mask

I have been so blessed to be able to try so many different products, whether it is hair or skincare. But I would just like to re-iterate that not every product I receive or that’s sponsored makes it to my blog. There are so many products that I have tried & tested that doesn’t work for me. I prefer not to bad mouth a product hence I prefer to rather not mention the product or the brand that I have had a bad experience with. So to make it clear, it is only products that I really love and that has worked me for that you would see on my blog.
This KADUS Professional, Deep Moisture Intensive mask I have been using for about 4 washes currently and has literally become a part of my hair care routine. Our Environment, lifestyle and heat styling can remove already depleted moisture from the hair, leaving it dull and lifeless, without the beautiful natural shine we associate with healthy looking hair.The Radialux Micro-Ions act together with a blend of special moisturizing ingredients to instantly deliver moisture for hair with eye-catching shine, softness and movement.

I would literally apply this product to damp hair and leave in for about 5 minutes and then rinse. This product intensely moisturizes dry hair. After the use of this product my hair has become soft and easier to comb with a healthy shine. It has a lovely honey and mango fragrance so trust me you wouldn't mind having this product on your hair.

Retail Selling Price: R160.00 incl. VAT.

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EVENT: Fashion & Beauty Trend Spotting

So last Tuesday I was invited to “The Fashion & Beauty Trend Spotting” event at 6 Spin Street Gallery. When I arrived I was greeted by various brands that wanted nothing else, but to explain their product and the passion behind it. The set up was like that of a market sphere with a generous lay-out of different tables and amazing products and brands on display. Unfortunately I arrived a bit late and during that time there was a talk hosted by none other than Jackie Burger. I was totally bummed that I couldn't listen in on her valuable advice and insight in the industry. But on the bright side everyone was in the Q&A session and it gave me more than enough time to move from one table to the next without any worry of it being too busy or overcrowded.
One of the first brands that I got to engage with was Miglio, designer jewellery. There product is unique and exquisite. The jewellery is quiet an expression of one’s individual style. I was more than happy to participate in their “Wear It & Share It” competition. I literally just wore one of my favourite pieces Miglio pieces, took a #selfie and tagged @migliojewellery. You could win R2000 in vouchers. I then received a stunning goodie bag with a unique pair of earrings that can actually be worn 4 different ways. How amazing is that? Cannot wait to show you all how I style these earrings. 

Bee Natural was one of the products I really enjoyed hearing about. When I heard about the amazing properties of beeswax, I was astounded at all the benefits it carries. The Bee Natural product was formulated about 9 years ago and after years of experimenting they have been able to produce a cutting edge head to toe balm which is effective in every aspect of beautifying and healing. One of the products I particularly love is the Rehydrating Face Balm; it makes my skin feel so soft and well taken care of. www.beenatural.co.za
Naturalmente is a sustainably harvested natural product for hair, body, baby and home. These products are free of petrochemical by-product and synthetic substances and are NOT tested on animals. Let me tell you Ive just used the Naturalmente shampoo and conditioner and I really can tell the difference. My hair is smooth from root to end. I am really impressed. You need to try this product for yourself. 
This product is formulated using pure plant and flower aromas which have been cultivated using bio dynamic agriculture. They can be used in aromatherapy, for hair and skin wellness. The substances banned in these products are silicone's, parabens petroleum and its derivatives, artificial colourings, sls, peg , nickel. I am really excited to start using these products will let you know the results asap.
I was quiet intrigued with this product as the display on the table was so beautifully laid. The Healing Earth is a premium African spa brand offering organic products & holistic spa therapies. It contains only the purest natural ingredients. The Healing Earth products are created from Africa’s powerful minerals, oceans, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils. I received a lovely box which contained all their current products. Must say thus far the marula & neroli body balm & grape foot detox gel is my favourite. Cannot wait to try the coffee, cinnamon & orange body polish for cellulite, it just smells divine, such an absolute treat. www.healingearth.co.za
Latinoil is the first essential hair treatment in the industry to be made from Chia Seed Oil. The lightweight, multipurpose formula is an unmatched source of Antioxidants and Omega Fatty Acid. This product nourishes your hair, adding instant shine, conditioning and intensive repair. It’s perfect for all types of hair. This product eliminates frizz, speeds up drying time and extends life of colour treatments. My hair very much falls under the coloured haired box and I am usually very particular and skeptical with the products I use on my hair. But I thought I’d give this product ago, I applied it to my damp hair just before my blow dry and was really surprised at the beautiful shine and nourished feel it gave my hair. My ends appeared less dry and over all feel were so smooth and sleek. I am inlove with this product and would recommend it to anyone, that’s hair need some extra TLC
Unfortunately I was a bit pressed for time and couldn't go around all the displays, below are a list of exhibitors that was on show:

Unfortunately I was a bit pressed for time and couldn't go around all the displays, below are a list of exhibitors that was on show such as Anaclinical, Ama Luisa Footwear, Birds Of a Feather, Black Betty Designs, Bodhisattva, Callaghan Collezioni, Cirepil by Perron Rigot, Coast & Koi Shoes, DR Hauschka Skin Care, Healthway Natural Products, Love My Hair, Sanctuary Signature Spa, Scarlett Swimwear, Smith Jewellery, Symbols on Silk, Yellow Jewellery
BIG “Thank You” goes to Andrea Desfarges from PublicitySA for organizing such an insightful event.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

L'oreal exclusive collection

So if you scroll through most of my pictures, you would see me sporting either bright pink Lipstick or a bold red lipstick. I just have this thing for a bold strong lip. I would always opt for a classic minimal eye and a strong lip. So when I received a press drop which included these L’oreal COLOR RICHE COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PURE REDS, trust me I was doing star jumps.
The new limited edition Pure Reds collection consists of four custom-made red shades that are tailored to four spokes models. Each Exquisite shade has a matte finish with an enriching, hydrating texture. Just for you – and your smile. 
Liya's red is a pure scarlet red that is designed to suit cool skin tones. It is a matte finish with a hydrating texture.
I am absolutely in love with both Frieda & Liya, it really suits my complexion so well and l love the Matte look. It stays on your lips way longer that the average lipstick. Try it out for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Foreo Luna

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this Foreo Luna after all it is the 
Winner of “Innovation of the Year” by Swedish ELLE Beauty Awards 2014
. I have heard many rave reviews about it this product but it was only when I tried that I too was impressed. The benefits of using this product is absolutely amazing, all round cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin. Skin looks and feels firmer for a more youth-full appearance & the best part is that it improves the absorption of your favourite skincare products. 
So I combined the Foreo Luna with one of my favourite Gel Face cleansers and I love the results. My face somehow felt much cleaner than before and I love the way the brissels massages yet penetrates deep into your skin.
At first when using the Luna, the feeling is quiet an unusual sensation. I can now say after a few weeks i'm hooked. I love the fact that its waterproof and can now fit into my travel bag. I'm even finding that my daily face products absorbs into my skin much better than before. This product is 100% organic and the design is fully rechargeable for up to 450 beauty treatments at a time. There is no need to replace the brush heads and every device has a 2 year limited warranty and 10 year guarantee.

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Alessia Store Opening

So straight after I popped into the Anniking event, I then had to scoot off as I was invited to a store opening called Alessia.
When we arrived we were offered a welcoming drink and some canapĂ©’s. The look and the feel of the store was beautifully laid out and the items was really must have pieces.
So as I was squishing around the store, I got approached by @48hourstv the conversation went something like this:
@48hourstv: You’re that fashion blogger right?
Me: errr yes?
@48hourstv: Great! I need you to tell me on camera, what your first impression is of the store and what you think the key items or colours are for women this season?
Me: errr give me 5minutes (giggles) I need to prep in my mind lol
@48hourstv: (literally 2minutes later) are you ready?

So the moral of the story is- always be prepared! I took the mic and rambled a few things. I was so nervous my hand was shacking uncontrollably lol But never the less I managed to utter a few things. I was reassured that @48hourstv would make me look amazing and that they would make me sound even better “I hope”
The crazy thing is I’m playing that moment over & over in my mind and have so many things I would want to say, but didn’t! I hate it when that happens. But nevertheless we learn and we grow!

So if you want to see my very nervous insert keep your eyes on DSTV channel 263 on the below time slots
Thursday: 7pm
Saturday: 6.30pm
Monday: 8am
 But never the less, it was an awesome event! Be sure to check out the store when your in the Sea point area.

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