Thursday, 19 May 2016

New essence shades #LoveYourShade

I love the fact that essence is taking the approach to accommodate them chocolate babes. I mean I always hear my friends that are darker shades talk about how they struggle finding the right shade as there just isn’t that many options! Crazy right...
soft touch mousse make-up the make-up range with a super delicate mousse texture gives your face a smooth and natural-looking matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely. Around R69.95* The 2 new shades are 50 matt caramel & 60 matt mahogany
mattifying compact powder the popular powder delights all girls who are dreaming of a matt complexion. its delicate, powdery texture spreads smoothly for a natural, matt complexion as if created by a professional make-up artist. Around R53.95*The 2 new shades are 50 true caramel & 60 true mahogany

 stay all day 16h long-lasting make-up this long-lasting foundation ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long. its delicate texture allows a simple and even application. thanks to the high-quality pump dispenser, it’s easy to find the perfect dosage for an indescribably beautiful look. Dermatological tested. Around R72.95 & comes in shade 50 soft caramel
 coverstick never to be seen again! the coverstick quickly and reliably covers up small spots, redness and impurities of the skin, now your world is back in order and nothing can stand in the way of your date! Around R39.95* & comes in shade 50 matt caramel
 essence all about matt! oil-free make-up matt and flawless! the all about matt! oil-free make-up gives your complexion a matt effect to make it smooth and silky-soft. the longlasting formula lasts up to 12 hours and the oil-free texture won’t block your pores. the foundation in the successful all about matt! range comes in a matching cool matt packaging. Around R67.50* & comes in shades 50 matt caramel & 60 matt mahogony
essence is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, and selected independent pharmacies, Red Square & Pick n Pay stores.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Review: Bliss Boutique Hotel

Where do I even start... I have had the most amazing experience at The Bliss Boutique Hotel while staying there with my mom for Mother's Day. The attention to detail, and planning was absolutely immaculately done. Every need and requirement was blissfully attended to and we had such a great time. 
Best described as a peaceful breathing space away from it all, the newly launched Bliss Boutique Hotel is the ideal ante-dote to frantic city living. However, thanks to its close proximity to Cape Towns central city, it's ideally located for guests wishing to explore! 
As we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and were showed to our room which were so beautiful... I am still in awe of all the special touches and the beautiful interior designs in each suite and the overall look and feel of the hotel. I was so tempted to just jump into this stunning heated pool, will definitely come back for a dip...
I have a major thing for beautiful baths and yes this one took my breath away! Love how classic and elegant it looks. All the rooms have been designed to anticipate your every need including an array of luxuries and services. All the details are very much minimalist and modern with beautiful pops of colour!
Each room has a 40 inch HDTV, DSTV decoder with full bouquet of channels,  separate speaker system, Nespresso Machine, electronic safe, telephone, individual  air-conditioning, full internet access and there‘s room service on demand. 
My mom and I got settled in for the afternoon had some coffee and just relaxed until we were ready to meet for dinner. The amazing Chef Dean had prepared a 7 course tapas style menu with desert included. We were very much excited to test all these amazing dishes.
The food was absolutely decadent and I will surely return and bring a few friends along...
We sampled various foods from Beetroot & Goat salad to Beef Burger sliders, Calamari with a dip, yummy Burchetta, Spicy chicken wings, Garlic chilli squids, Beer battered fish and even a yummy Creme Brulee for desert. It was an absolute treat and every dish immaculately prepared... The next morning the hotel was hosting a stunning 
"Mother's Day Brunch"
The morning we arrived at the lounge area and immediately got told to enjoy an complimentary manicure from the amazing ladies at The FoxBox. I have worked with them before at my "Channi Chic foundation" event for charity and I knew that they were absolutely the best. We then were treated to a lovely brunch breakfast which was beautifully prepared.
After snacking on as croissants, scones, tarts, and other delicious treats we then were also served a warm breakfast consisting on Eggs Benedict, which was really the best I've ever had.
I must say the complete overall experience was really great and the attention to detail was absolutely impeccable! It was just about time for us to load our bags and head home.. and I was pretty sad about that. I had such an amazing time... well at-least it gives me an excuse to come back and visit! 
You would like to experience "PURE BLISS" there is no need to look any further...
25 Albus Drive, Sunset Beach, Cape Town
021 551 2271
Instagram @Bliss.Hotel
Twitter @Bliss_Hotel

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Zando Competition

 Let me just start off by saying! How absolutely beautiful is this Zando dress! 
I know right?!!! This was the initial dress I was meant to wear to the Mercedes Benz Bokeff fashion and film event, but as “life” would have it, due to an unexpected circumstance I didn’t actually end up going! But I couldn't let the opportunity pass, to wear this dress...

So as fate would have it another opportunity came around, and I got to show off this stunning dress while having a lovely brunch with my mom at the beautiful Bliss Boutique Hotel. This hotel is so beautiful and was so lucky to be able to shoot this stunning dress in this space...
So I am sure that you are keen to win a R500 Zando voucher to spend for yourself!
 Go to and save the image of any item you like and message me on either facebook, twitter or instagram... If you get chosen ill send you a R500 voucher? easy right x
Good Luck x

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mother's Day at BLISS Boutique Hotel

Got anything planned for Mother's Day? If not, no need to look any further. This coming weekend BLISS Boutique Hotel in Cape Town is hosting Brunch, Manicures and Mimosas on Sunday, May 8 at 10 AM - 2 PM for R390.00 a head or stay over for R1400.00pp which includes accommodation, welcoming cocktails, breakfasts, manicures and mimosa's on mothers day!
mail and book now to secure your spot!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Review: Zensa Lodge Scarborough

So my husband and I just got back from the most romantic anniversary weekend away at Zensa Lodge in Scarborough. This beautiful gem of a place really offered so much more than what we had intended. We arrived on Friday evening and was warmly welcomed by the hosts of the lodge who showed us around this tranquil lodge surrounded by absolute nature.
Let me start of by saying if you really want to relax, unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life this place is definitely a must see. There is no TV, and most of the time signal is a rare find. But I must say that having this down time really does do the soul well. Boasting with 7 beautiful guest rooms all in calming white, with the decor and interior displaying absolute simplicity it really does show the beauty of the unspoiled nature that is Cape Peninsula.
This amazing accommodation offered, breakfast included on all mornings of your stay as well as on the Saturday evening a romantic 3 course meal and a free bottle of the most amazing red wine for the evening. I must say what made this place so special was the warmth of the owners of the lodge Hein and Cyrille. As we were enjoying our main course meal Hein grabbed his stunning vintage bass guitar and started playing some tunes and soon after his wife Cyrille joined with vocals which was such a beautiful special touch to an awesome evening of dining. I must say if you are thinking of taking your significant other to a special place this is definitely a place you should consider.
Don't worry Zensa Lodge is not just for the hopeful romantics there is so much to do even if you just want a relaxing breakaway with friends an family. This space has a beautiful private garden, with a pool, sauna, and even a jacuzzi for those colder evenings.
This has by far been one of the best cottages I have stayed at for a while, the food, company and absolute pleasant entertainment has made it such a special experience and I will definitely return back when I need a nature fueled recharge!

Monday, 11 April 2016


What is it about a fragrance that makes woman feel so good, what is it about a fragrance that makes woman feel bold, daring and confident. I believe it lies in the essence that she can be absolutely whoever she wants to BE. We live in an era where woman are the leaders, they are visionaries, they are the CEO of big corporations. 
We live in a day and age where woman are the pioneers and are taking their rightful place in society. We live in this day where woman can dictate the life she chooses for herself and not that which society has prescribed her to live. She has freedom to express herself without hindrance, boundaries and limitations. She can choose to be a mother, a business woman, and even a philanthropists. 

That is the power of a fragrance, like in the words of Coco Chanel "a woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" & Christain Dior which said  "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting".

Why is it that the perfect fragrance is of such importance? It is because the fragrance brings out that which is already locked up within a woman & that is exactly what a LUX is..... it's so much more than an average scent, bathing in it makes a woman feel beautiful and when she feels beautiful she acts differently. She is radiant, alluring, confident, captivating, fabulously feminine and 
unforgettable in every crowd.

Let me know how you feel when you wearing your signature fragrance?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How to style curly hair?

If you follow me on social media and read my blog often enough, you would have seen that since last year October I have transitioned into wearing my hair's natural strand more often. I have never really liked my natural curl/frizz. But on this particular day I was running late for my Brand Management exam and had no time to blow dry my hair. So I left the house with no make up and partially damp hair. I finished my exam and when I had a chance to look at myself in the mirror, I kind of had a Ah-ha moment! 
My curls was rather jazzy...
So from that day forth I decided that i'm going to try and wear my hair natural for as long as I possibly could and lay off dryer and the ghd straighter for a while. Ever since I started wearing my hair curly I've been receiving quite a few questions. 
How long does it take to curl your hair? What products do you use? How do you style your hair? So ever since that first daunting exam day, I've managed to get some tips and tricks that has worked for me.

1. I try and not wash my hair more than twice a week my hair's natural oil makes my curls look so much better. Also my hair tends to tangle easily, so I make sure to use a proper de-tangling brush. 
The Tangle Teezer is a great way to start, I purchased mine while I was on London, but just heard that they are selling it at Clicks now too.
2. I use a conditioning treatment religiously once a week. 
3. Make sure your conditioner is rinsed off properly.I find that when I neglect to thoroughly rinse my conditioner off my curls tends to fall flat on my head and the curls does not have that light bouncy feel. Trust me it makes a difference.
4. Use a soft t-shirt to dry your hair. Before I used a towel, I use to wrap the towel around my head and twist. This is thus really bad for your hair and could cause breakage and aggravate your strains to snap... ouch. Be gentle.
5. I prefer drying my hair naturally as I find the curl looks way better. But if you must dry a diffuser is a great second option.
6. To finish off I apply Aunt Jackie's Curl la la custard. I live by this product as it has so many benefits. Which is key for us curly haired girls. 
(There's an awesome range of Aunt Jackie's available make sure you check it out at Clicks)
Also the below product I purchased at Primark in London and I absolutely love this product, it acts as I great styling product!
If you are a curly haired girl and have some tips to share, please comment in the below section.