Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My granny- Catharina Maria Jakobs

You couldn’t dim her shine,
You couldn’t defeat her,
You couldn’t make her cry.

You tried with all your might,
You tried to weaken her.
You tried to destroy her,
You tried to take over.
You tried to break her

You invaded her body. All in vain…

Inch by inch You came, You stole, and You took.

Little did You know- that she would fight back.
You tried to destroy her, but she fought back
You tried to take over, but she laughed at your face.
She kept her head high, You could not shake her.
She was grounded – her foundation was solid…

4 months down the line,
Her presence still feels so close,
Her scent as fresh as the rain in the early morning
Her face a stroke of light,

Her body now gone
Her spirit lives
Her LEGACY remains

She did not give up; YOU did not break her…

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