Friday, 3 February 2012

Conceal your yourself…

I believe that most people are scared and daunted at the thought of wearing foundation. Simply because its so difficult to find the right colour thats right for you. I have found that because my skin has various colours of undertones it makes it even more difficult to find the right medium that won’t let me go all yellow or very pale. This has been a balance that I have struggled with and that I believe most find it an horrific experience when it comes to wearing coverage on your skin. But after searching and testing I have found a foundation that not only evenly conceals but also protects your skin with a lasting effect of not going oily or flaky.

But I’ve started to love the Revlon Colorstay- Stay Active foundation which provides 16 hours of smooth and natural coverage. Its Dermatologist tested & fragrance free which means that it’s oil free and wont clog your pores. Your skin breaths and it will remain fresh for the rest for the day. But the most important for me is that it contains SPF 25 which protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

It’s available in different shades of colours. I wear Natural Tan 008 and really does give me my desired results.

Remember when shopping for the proper foundation for your skin don’t be a hurry and do not make a decision based on what the shop assistant thinks looks right. Make sure that when you look for a foundation that there is a clear light and that you match the foundation as close to the skin on your neck (not hand) !

Xo Chantal*

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