Monday, 21 May 2012

Check out the "Bobbi Brown" Website

I just love checking out beauty and fashion blogs. I came across the Bobbi Brown web page that I wanna share. Easy to scroll and loved the tips and hints that it provided.  I read the auto biography on Bobbi’s story and loved the way she views and re-defines beauty*
What is beautiful? "A strong brow, bedroom eyes, a bump on the nose," says Bobbi. "
It's not about looking perfect. It's about looking and feeling like yourself, only prettier and more confident." – Bobbi Brown
She is a remarkable woman… and her story is so inspiring* While scrolling on her page I found some really awesome products that helps with creating absolute flawless skin, a beautiful eye and a luscious lip*
There is a 10 step beauty routine which shows you step for step how to recreate the look as well as a display of all the products in her range. The website is beautifully put out, easy to scroll through and easy to follow. Well worth a visit…
Check out the website really nice J
XO Chantal

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