Friday, 29 June 2012

My Little Secret…

I am going to let you guys in on a little secret… I am undercover/ super secretive fanatical beauty blog viewer! Whatever that means J
I can sit hours upon hours searching for awesome blogs whether it be concerning beauty, fashion, travel, make up, nails etc The list goes on…

I just love the fact that we are never too old or too wise to learn and try new things. Have you stuck to your make up routine for years, or to the same colour nail polish. Just because you stick with what you know! That is great that you know what suits you and what doesn’t. But what is the fun in it- if your continuously proving to be predictable. I sometimes wear stuff that don’t always match and wear colour nail polish that makes your eyes hurt. But who hasn’t had a blunder or two before. Even the celebrity’s who are seen as fashion icons or has a world of wealth to have access to wardrobe assistants and hairstyles upon makeup artist and still they get onto the list of top 20 worst outfits. Why? Because we are different and we don’t always agree with what others see as beautiful or stylish. We wear what we want to, and what we feel comfortable in. Do you see someone looking awesome and you try doing the same thing and it doesn’t quiet look as good on you? Of course you have- because it’s not you! That’s what I like about viewing a variety of different blogs. As it carries a large variety of different styles, ways and you will eventually see something that you like and appeals to you. You would try it and it will be gorgeous because it all about the way you do it! Blogs are not there so that you could copy everything that is shown. It is there so that you can learn, see , improve and try new things.

I’ve added a few blogs that I love… Hope you will find it interesting and inspiring. So that you too can try something new*
Let me know if there is any blog you like- so that I can check it out aswell.

Xo Chantal*

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