Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Neons are sooooo hot right now! Not just because its bright and in your face but because it’s one of those staple items that makes you stand out from the rest!

It brings the touch of life that any outfit requires! But it defiantly depends on how you wear it.

Do not pair neons together.  So do not wear, a neon pants and neon coloured shoes as well as those flashy neon earings. You would look like a “glow in the dark lava lamp” Maybe not the look you were going for???

Do attempt wearing a basic black jean with a basic tee and neon bangles or bracelet or a your little black dress with some neon hills and some coloured nails. Make your one or two neon item the focus point and not the entire outfit not the entire outfit.

I have noticed that pastel colours works well with neons too! Try it out and let me know how you match it up*

XO Chantal

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