Friday, 24 August 2012

Win a R500 New Balance Voucher

I have an awesome competition for all my loyal viewer! Drum Roll Please………

So everyone loves to win something right, who doesn’t, today is your lucky day!
Stand a chance to win a New Balance Voucher worth R500…

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                                                        Sounds Easy Right! Because it is!

Winner will be announced in the week! Good Luck*
XO Chantal


I love accessories

Accessories are just one of those things that could make or break any outfit. Accessories or little added touches we add to give look that extra oomph!

Well I have added some of my favourite ones. Could add all the space wouldn’t be enough*

So my Buyer from work brought back this beautiful necklace which she bought for me at one of her overseas trips. This was purchased @ Primark. Hence this is one of my most prizes possessions….Aawwww J

I just love this piece as it has so many random things on it!!

So because of me and sisters love for photography, when we saw these cute neck piece it was obvious why we bought it!

So these were my favourites for the month… Let’s see what cute finds ill get next time J
XO Chantal

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Best Friends- We take on the world*

Its always fantastic spending time with the most important people in your life!  When my sister and I spend time together, we talk, talk and talk!
Over the past few months we have grown so close, I cannot picture my life without her! She is my best friend, shopping buddy, go to girl and my sister all in one breath.
I promise you we, are loud, spontaneous and very silly at times… I’ve added some pictures. This is us trying new things and having a ball of a time.
*Note… we are fully dressed, I had on a boobtube black dress and lisa had on a off the shoulder black sequence dress. This just proves that the camera does lie, when we want it too*

Lisa doing her Vogue pose! She’s so poised.

Me pretending to be Madonna in one of our favourite Musicals “Evita”

Awesome memories...

XO Chantal


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cape Town is Amazing*

This was one of the most relaxed Saturday’s that I’ve had in a while. So hubby and I decided to take the whole weekend to just do things that we wanna do- NO WORK!!

So we stayed in bed, watched series (Revenge) until about 2 o clock in the afternoon and thereafter decided to take a drive to Strand Beach! Cape Town is really beautiful and even more so as summer is approaching*

 Love hubby in his Blue “skinny” not so “skinny jeans”! He likes to keep things easy*

So these are just some fun pictures we took on our- laid back, relaxing Saturday afternoon!

XO Chantal

Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Love

This was one of the longest weeks for me by far!!! Work has been hectically busy, and I was being clumsy… I fell down a flight of stair on Tuesday morning @ my apartment… Yup! True story… nothings broken but my body feels as if it is. I’ve got this huge bruise on outer thigh and it hurts so much. The stairs was wet and I just had on the worst slippy pair of shoes on and BOOM>>> I was @ the bottom… and guess what today I nearly chopped of my finger while trying to cut a small round roll with a huge bread knife. But fortunately for me I can still type with 9 fingers and best of all its weekend!!! I am Alive and well and super amped for summer…

Have you seen the weather in Cape Town today… BEAUTIFUL!

So while I had 10 fingers I checked out some nail colours. I am totally in love with the Lemon Drop from Revlon. It just screams summer don’t you think? Yet the Pink Pursuit from Revlon has the perfect balance.

Which one do you prefer?


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What’s in My Bag?

 So I thought ill share what I carry around with me on a daily basis. For those just in case moments or what I’ve had in my bag for a while as I’m sometimes too lazy to clear out. I change bags all the time so trust me there’s always different things in each bag.

So this is my Utt-most favourite bag… My sister and I have these, but it’s not completely similar. My Sling bag is a bit darker than hers and different details. I have been asked by numerous people where this sling can be found. Unfortunately you won’t be able to find the exact one anywhere, as I bagged this little beauty at my works Sample Sale. Which means this bag wasn’t actually manufactured and sold in stores. Sad L I know! But yay for me as I snagged one for my sister and I for a measly R30 rand each. Budget Girl*

So these are the stuff that was in my bag @ the moment of unveiling!

I find that in winter my face becomes extremely dry and whichever body cream I would use would just be soaked up. So thought ill go back to the basics and try something that my Grandmother loved and mom still love. Which is the Nivea Cream. It is inexpensive and provides fantastic moisture to my skin. I carry it with me wherever I go… you know… just in case!

I girl always needs to have gloss at hand… But I really do love the lip tinted gloss from Woolworths. It’s really a great gloss, it gives that bit of shine but also not too much. I always find that gloss end up being stinky and dries on the corner of your mouth!! Eeww… Not this one!!! Winner…

I was using different Brands of Foundation and Powder until my wedding when I was introduced to Clinique I could not believe how I could do without. It just managed to give me that clear and matte complexion without that shine. It gives me great coverage. I was converted from that forth! I’m not going to lie, it is quiet expensive but a bottle has managed to last me about 3 months. So until I find something better, I’ll stick with Clinique- Cashew #26

My Oh so heavenly happy hand, cleans & protects. It’s a waterless hygiene hand cleanser. Just for those case where you accidently touched the escalators bars or after you touch those trolley bars. You can find it @ Clicks for about R9.99 and you get it in this cute little squeeze bottle. Talk about Bargain…

This is a great “Colours Xtreme Uber Lash Mascara” without that hectic price bar. It’s from Foschini and it’s their own brand which is called “Colours”. I have tried loads of different kinds of mascara but find this one to give me the extra length and volume all in one bottle. It really inexpensive and got mine for about R29.99.

 Ill add that the Colours Intense Eye shadow is also from Foschini. This Palette I carry in my bag for emergencies. It colour depth is amazing just to add!

Oh! I really don’t know what that was doing in my bag.. but anyhow… it’s a cuticle pusher.  Don’t think I have much to say about that …

I Love Mac…Ok I just needed to get that out of the way! Sigh..… Unfortunately I did not choose this colour combo… my husband did!
The Mac Lipstick is Matte & Mac Lip liner is Red… I wear it out when in need of a little bit of Va va Voom…

I wore these earrings at my brother in laws Las Vegas birthday party and that’s properly why it ended up in my bag.

So these are the things that I have in my sling bag… What items can you not go without?

XO Chantal


Saturday, 4 August 2012

"Go Glamour Expo"

Wow what an awesome day it was at the “Go Glamour Expo”. There was everything to see from beauty products, clothing ranges and loads of informative information about Health. This will be quite a long blog post, as I couldn't stop snapping away at all the amazing things that was on display… 

We started out at the “Babyliss Paris, Tony&Guy & Vida Sassoon booth” all these products are available @ Clicks.  A lovely lady by the name of Cindy demonstrated how a she could give me beautiful curls by using the “Babyliss” hair straighter. I was more than pleased with the results. My hair had loads of volume guess I am converting to a new brand now. Let me know what you think of my curls?
If you would like to get in contact with Cindy you can contact her on 072 027 4568.

We then bumped into this lovely lady below who handed out some “Curl Care by Dr Miracle” samples. It contained 6 different kinds of product such as Weightless moisturising crème, Frizz control serum & Rehydrating shampoo to only mention a few. Ill will try it out in the week and will post the results as to how it has worked for me. Yay I love free stuff…

We moved on to something more informative yet super fun, as we were made aware of Breast Cancer by the Cancer association and the ways that it could be prevented. We got a free pink nail paint as well…

I then got my hands massaged by Sorbet. I promise my hands felt like it was on cloud 9, it is definitely an experience that I could treat myself with again. You can now find the new Sorbet range @ Clicks as well...

  There was this little booth called “Rosso Solini”. But there was nothing little about what I was shown. You can up-vamp and get the designer look with Rosso Solini designer soles. I promise I’ll do my heels and do a tutorial and show you exactly how to make your heels look like it cost a million bucks… You can check out in the mean time

 I have never been as excited as when I saw the collection of heels from ICECHERRY. Wow they are enough to make any woman feel envious. But they are not just all shoes their ranges varies from Mens, Ladies & even Kids. I would love to go to the store in Claremont and do a full review maybe sooner than you think... If you want to check out whether their shoes tinkle your fancy and I am sure, they will- check out

The fashion show did definitely not fail to disappoint… It was amazing!

I would really like to thank all the organisers and everyone involved in the “Go Glamour Expo” I really cannot stop talking about the awesome experience and fantastic people that hosted us. I cannot wait to see what the “Go Glamour Team” will have in store for Cape Town next year.

XO Chantal