Thursday, 23 August 2012

Best Friends- We take on the world*

Its always fantastic spending time with the most important people in your life!  When my sister and I spend time together, we talk, talk and talk!
Over the past few months we have grown so close, I cannot picture my life without her! She is my best friend, shopping buddy, go to girl and my sister all in one breath.
I promise you we, are loud, spontaneous and very silly at times… I’ve added some pictures. This is us trying new things and having a ball of a time.
*Note… we are fully dressed, I had on a boobtube black dress and lisa had on a off the shoulder black sequence dress. This just proves that the camera does lie, when we want it too*

Lisa doing her Vogue pose! She’s so poised.

Me pretending to be Madonna in one of our favourite Musicals “Evita”

Awesome memories...

XO Chantal


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