Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Love

This was one of the longest weeks for me by far!!! Work has been hectically busy, and I was being clumsy… I fell down a flight of stair on Tuesday morning @ my apartment… Yup! True story… nothings broken but my body feels as if it is. I’ve got this huge bruise on outer thigh and it hurts so much. The stairs was wet and I just had on the worst slippy pair of shoes on and BOOM>>> I was @ the bottom… and guess what today I nearly chopped of my finger while trying to cut a small round roll with a huge bread knife. But fortunately for me I can still type with 9 fingers and best of all its weekend!!! I am Alive and well and super amped for summer…

Have you seen the weather in Cape Town today… BEAUTIFUL!

So while I had 10 fingers I checked out some nail colours. I am totally in love with the Lemon Drop from Revlon. It just screams summer don’t you think? Yet the Pink Pursuit from Revlon has the perfect balance.

Which one do you prefer?


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