Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What’s in My Bag?

 So I thought ill share what I carry around with me on a daily basis. For those just in case moments or what I’ve had in my bag for a while as I’m sometimes too lazy to clear out. I change bags all the time so trust me there’s always different things in each bag.

So this is my Utt-most favourite bag… My sister and I have these, but it’s not completely similar. My Sling bag is a bit darker than hers and different details. I have been asked by numerous people where this sling can be found. Unfortunately you won’t be able to find the exact one anywhere, as I bagged this little beauty at my works Sample Sale. Which means this bag wasn’t actually manufactured and sold in stores. Sad L I know! But yay for me as I snagged one for my sister and I for a measly R30 rand each. Budget Girl*

So these are the stuff that was in my bag @ the moment of unveiling!

I find that in winter my face becomes extremely dry and whichever body cream I would use would just be soaked up. So thought ill go back to the basics and try something that my Grandmother loved and mom still love. Which is the Nivea Cream. It is inexpensive and provides fantastic moisture to my skin. I carry it with me wherever I go… you know… just in case!

I girl always needs to have gloss at hand… But I really do love the lip tinted gloss from Woolworths. It’s really a great gloss, it gives that bit of shine but also not too much. I always find that gloss end up being stinky and dries on the corner of your mouth!! Eeww… Not this one!!! Winner…

I was using different Brands of Foundation and Powder until my wedding when I was introduced to Clinique I could not believe how I could do without. It just managed to give me that clear and matte complexion without that shine. It gives me great coverage. I was converted from that forth! I’m not going to lie, it is quiet expensive but a bottle has managed to last me about 3 months. So until I find something better, I’ll stick with Clinique- Cashew #26

My Oh so heavenly happy hand, cleans & protects. It’s a waterless hygiene hand cleanser. Just for those case where you accidently touched the escalators bars or after you touch those trolley bars. You can find it @ Clicks for about R9.99 and you get it in this cute little squeeze bottle. Talk about Bargain…

This is a great “Colours Xtreme Uber Lash Mascara” without that hectic price bar. It’s from Foschini and it’s their own brand which is called “Colours”. I have tried loads of different kinds of mascara but find this one to give me the extra length and volume all in one bottle. It really inexpensive and got mine for about R29.99.

 Ill add that the Colours Intense Eye shadow is also from Foschini. This Palette I carry in my bag for emergencies. It colour depth is amazing just to add!

Oh! I really don’t know what that was doing in my bag.. but anyhow… it’s a cuticle pusher.  Don’t think I have much to say about that …

I Love Mac…Ok I just needed to get that out of the way! Sigh..… Unfortunately I did not choose this colour combo… my husband did!
The Mac Lipstick is Matte & Mac Lip liner is Red… I wear it out when in need of a little bit of Va va Voom…

I wore these earrings at my brother in laws Las Vegas birthday party and that’s properly why it ended up in my bag.

So these are the things that I have in my sling bag… What items can you not go without?

XO Chantal



  1. Oh, that bag is so LOVELY. And I used to have that nivea creme, i'll have to see if i can hunt another pot down, it worked wonders for my skin! I'm a new follower, you can check out and follow my blog if you wish at

    Tata, Leah xox

  2. Yes! Thanks for popping in :) Will check out your blog soon...

    XO Chantal*