Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Plaited Hair Trend*

I am so so sorry for not uploading anything in such a long time. My laptop has got a virus so I’m trying to sort it out at the moment. But not to worry it wont be for too long and ill be back to uploading stuff everyday. This past weekend was so awesome, the weather was just right. We slowly but surely approaching summer and I without a doubt cannot wait!
Any how: Everywhere that I’ve been going I am seeing that plaited hair has been trending… I have always been in the habit of wearing my hair plaited to one side but surely this summer ill be trying some new styles.

           I’ve added some really awesome pictures, I will definitely be trying these in summer.

I found a old picture of myself where I plaited my hair. My hairs was rather short there, If you have tried plaiting your hair send me a picture!  I’d love to do a post with some of my readers rocking this trend J

XO Chantal

Friday, 14 September 2012

Going Retro...

I was fooling around with my camera, trying to figure it out! But ended up putting on these shades and just snapping away!

When I look @ it now, it kinda looks retro! But I like, you can actually see up my nostrils lol, thought ill share it with you guys*

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Flower Power*

I really do enjoy trying new things with my nails! It always adds that extra bit of chic…
Check out my flower power nail tutorial

Step 1
I painted my nails pink with Revlon’s “Sweet Tart” nail polish. This will be the base colour, and it just somehow gives that pop effect. You can try this with other bright colours as well!

Step 2
You’ll need cello tape or any nail strips, as well as a scissor.

Step 3
Cover the one side of the nail slightly slanted (See Below)

Step 4
I used another nail colour Purple Kangol colour to paint the side which had no cello tape.

Step 5
I added cute little stick on nail flowers. Don’t forget the top coat! This will allow it to stay on for longer…Flower Power*

XO Chantal

Family Time is in Order*

Spending time with my family is one the most important things, it just some how gives me a sense of belonging! On this Thursday evening we went, to meet up with my uncle as it was gonna be his last day in Cape Town before returning home.
I was feeling rather comfy in what I wore, added bonus no Make up!  I am currently trying this new skin range, which I am trying to do without wearing any form of make up! It is rather difficult but thus far I have stuck to it. Ill tell you how it went as soon as it’s completed.

“Jeans- Edgar’s Top- Sport Scene Sneakers- Fashion Express Belt- Mr Price”
XO Chantal

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

White Watch Trend!

I have been craving for a gorgeous white watch and everyone who is everyone has jumped on to this trend. I simply love the simplicity and easy look that that this watch gives.
It just somehow stands out… Would you give this trend a go?

This was what I wore to work yesterday! The white watch just some how adds the fun element…

This was taken @ my home, after work hence it was rather dark. But not cold at all. So that's a clear sign that summer is fast approaching! Can’t wait*

XO Chantal