Thursday, 13 September 2012

Flower Power*

I really do enjoy trying new things with my nails! It always adds that extra bit of chic…
Check out my flower power nail tutorial

Step 1
I painted my nails pink with Revlon’s “Sweet Tart” nail polish. This will be the base colour, and it just somehow gives that pop effect. You can try this with other bright colours as well!

Step 2
You’ll need cello tape or any nail strips, as well as a scissor.

Step 3
Cover the one side of the nail slightly slanted (See Below)

Step 4
I used another nail colour Purple Kangol colour to paint the side which had no cello tape.

Step 5
I added cute little stick on nail flowers. Don’t forget the top coat! This will allow it to stay on for longer…Flower Power*

XO Chantal


  1. This is so cute and such a brilliant idea haha. I'm definitely going to try this out! I never would have thought of putting cello tape haha. Thanks so much for introducing me to this (if you will) hahaha.

  2. Thanks so much! Yes why not?? I use everything i find and try and make something cool out of it! You should definitly try it out* Thanks for visiting*