Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Plaited Hair Trend*

I am so so sorry for not uploading anything in such a long time. My laptop has got a virus so I’m trying to sort it out at the moment. But not to worry it wont be for too long and ill be back to uploading stuff everyday. This past weekend was so awesome, the weather was just right. We slowly but surely approaching summer and I without a doubt cannot wait!
Any how: Everywhere that I’ve been going I am seeing that plaited hair has been trending… I have always been in the habit of wearing my hair plaited to one side but surely this summer ill be trying some new styles.

           I’ve added some really awesome pictures, I will definitely be trying these in summer.

I found a old picture of myself where I plaited my hair. My hairs was rather short there, If you have tried plaiting your hair send me a picture!  I’d love to do a post with some of my readers rocking this trend J

XO Chantal

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