Tuesday, 4 September 2012

White Watch Trend!

I have been craving for a gorgeous white watch and everyone who is everyone has jumped on to this trend. I simply love the simplicity and easy look that that this watch gives.
It just somehow stands out… Would you give this trend a go?

This was what I wore to work yesterday! The white watch just some how adds the fun element…

This was taken @ my home, after work hence it was rather dark. But not cold at all. So that's a clear sign that summer is fast approaching! Can’t wait*

XO Chantal


  1. i love the white watch i have one but broken thoughz,i was thinking of giving it away but noe on second thought i must just bring it back to life.thanks for the reminder about my watch.and i love the neckpiece i also have it.overall love the look

  2. Yes, you should definitely bring it back to life! Would love to see how your watch looks! Thanks for visiting my blog*