Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Look Of The Day

So I had promised my niece that I would take her to the Strawberry Farm. My niece Carla being 2 turning 3 in about 2 weeks time, remembers everything I tell her, so I definitely could not get out this one. We took an afternoon drive to the Strawberry Farm, it was quiet hot and humid. But other than that it was actually quiet fun! So I’ve added some pictures of our day!

So this was my “Look Of The Day”, summer is rearing near so I love the fact that I can go all out with colour & of course with this being Breast Cancer Awareness month- Why not?

♥♥♥The Swan Top is by Fashion Express, Coloured Jean & Colour Blocking wedge by Mr Price, Pink Mirror Watch by Sportscene♥♥♥

I have even added a picture of nieces cute neon pink colour sandals, they are so so cute. We were definitely matching with the bright pink… Totally not planned at all!

XO Chantal


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  2. Thanks so much! jip and they are so comfortable :)
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  3. oooh so sweet :D love it!
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