Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Hair Journey!!!

I have the worst track record when is concerning my hair. I defy every rule there is when it comes to Hair Care. I dry my hair on High heat without any heat resistant product. I use my GHD endlessly and colour my hair recklessly. Trust me when I say I have been every colour on the rainbow and it has been fun, until now….
After all this torture I had put my hair through only now do I realize why, hair care is such an important factor when it comes to the health and simply maintaining your hair…
My hair is completely died out, damaged and has so many split ends.

I have been using the below products for about a couple of weeks and can really see the difference it has to my hair. Note:  that this is however not an overnight process, I still have a long way to go. After about 3 applications of the hair mask did, I only start feeling and seeing a difference. I am also trying to reduce the amount of heat that I am using on my hair. Precaution is definitely better than cure.
The misperception is that when going blonde you are damaging your hair, yes that is without a doubt true. But when colouring your hair any colour damages your hair not just blonde. Going blonde or lighter however does make your split ends or damaged parts more noticeable.


I am currently using the Shampoo and Conditioner (For Colour Treated Hair) from Revlon and the Hair Mask from Clicks. That evening I went out to a birthday party all natural, using a heat resistant product for extra protection. I am now more aware than ever that it takes loads of effort and smart decisions regarding your hair care routine in orders for you to feel the difference.

What’s your hair care secret?
XO Chantalb

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  1. God do I understand about damaged hair! Back in may I bleached my blood red(dyed) hair to bleach blonde. My hair hates me, but I keep it healthy using Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, and their hair mask. You can find it at Sally's Beauty supply. I total suggest you to try it out! I LOVE it! It even smells good!