Monday, 29 October 2012

October Favourites

So I really wanted to share with you all my favourite products for October. Some of them I literally carry with me in my bag, so I use them on a dailly basis.
To me a great product consist of scent, substance/texture and results:

The Revlon Nail Care, is an amazing product with a really nice scent. It’s a De-aging Hand cream with SPF 10 who would argue with that. I seem to have this on my desk at work regulary as its absorbes easily and is really not greasy. Great product for the summer especially with our climate.

Garner Even Pure lemon Essence- it’s a really good face wash that I’m using at the moment, great texture and has a silky smooth effect. Will give a full review, in a couple of weeks.

Ponds Perfect Complexion, I have started trying out this product as I have an uneven skintone. It does though feel rather dry when you rub into your skin, but I love the way it minimises the uneven skin colour. It does not work overnight so don’t get discourged when you don’t see results within first week. Keep at it

This lipbalm from woolworths are great as it gives your lips that refreshed look without that sticky effect. With Olive and argan oil it really pampers and nourishes your lips. It has a rather vanilla scent, I’m not complaining at all.

Let me know what your favourite products are would really love to try them?

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