Thursday, 11 October 2012

Santa Shoebox Project*

Today as I was driving to work, I heard  on the radio about this fantastic initiative “Santa Shoe Box Project”. It’s really amazing that you can actually do something amazing for  1 or more underprivileged children. The gift of giving! Bliss….

Just think about, you will be putting a smile on a little girl or boys face. So I went to the website: and signed up right away!

Just a little info: 
So the Santa Shoebox Project originated in Cape Town in 2006 and since then, the project has grown in leaps and bounds and the number of Santa Shoeboxes has grown from a humble 180 boxes in 2006 to 70 489 in 2011.

Its really easy! All you do is, entered your details like a email address etc so that that the organisation could send your details and send you the information regarding how the shoe box should look and the labels as to how to detail it for you special child. You then have the option of choosing whether you would want it to be a girl or boy and the age category as well as the spots where to drop of the shoe box!

I am really excited as I'll be blessing a little girl named Tamia aged 9.

Sound Easy! Yes, because it is* For more information go to the website and sign up!
Let me know of any other awesome initiates that you will be joining?

XO Chantal

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