Saturday, 17 November 2012

From Day to Night

Night Make up look
When heading out in the evening, a heavy eye as well as a bright lip works well. It shows confidence…
 This is merely a look which you can literally go from day to night. I am really enjoying using my Maybelline New York gel eyeliner 24h studio eye {08 Black Gold}. This liner lasted me whole day and it still looked in tack afterwards. I added my 012 Mac lipstick on my lips which was perfect for the evening. But for the day look I would merely just remove the bright lip colour and opt for my The Bodyshop lip gloss…
Day Make up look
When heading out in the day a heavy eye works well with nude lip… Choose one that works well, either heavy eye or heavy lip- never both... 

What products do you use when going for night or day look, any tips?


  1. I love the day look it's so beautiful! To be honest, I think most people would consider my day look a night look haha ... but for night I tend to add false eyelashes, black or dark eyeshadow and more blush ;) xo

    1. I love lashes, but to be honest that is one thing I completely struggle with... it just always seem to not look right! Practice in this case will eventually make perfect! Thanks for popping in*

  2. Great post!Love it!

  3. heard great raves about this maybelline product! you look great btw!!

    new follower here!
    The Misty Mom

    1. Aww welcome to my world! Thanks for following*

      Will check out ur blog now :)

  4. Very nice make up sweety! Following you via GFC, big kiss, Maira