Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nails of the Day

I was actually in quiet a hurry this morning so I opted for a easy simple colour. Purple and Pink, this was actually fun doing at 5:30 in the morning…errr!! Ever since I found this easy dry nail express drops from Essence that dries my nails instantly after a polish (See Previous Post) I just want to wear nail colour all the time, the fact that I can change my nail colour whenever I want to without the time it takes to dry just makes me feel completely Liberated! Maybe that’s the wrong word… Ok! It works and that’s all that matters J  I’m wearing a colour dress and thought that this nails would fit perfectly. When I took this picture I had just added the drops hence the reason why it’s looking rather wet or oily on the sides. Just wanted to show you a picture*
What colour nails are rocking today?


  1. Love the Pink!!!!!

    Past Midnight

  2. I also have the pink nail polish from Kangol ~ they really are great :)

  3. Yip Kangol has the most amazing bright coloured polishes! Will definitly check out ur blog Michelle. Thanks Elrese for always checking out my blog and commenting :)

  4. Wow, really impressive and looking beautiful. Thanks for the sharing these snaps.

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