Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rebelle by Rihanna

Wow, this has been a very much hectic start to my week… as Varsity has kept me so busy. Trying to  get all my textbooks and assignments sorted it really has been a mission.
But other than that it’s FRIDAY and almost weekend so then there’s really no reason to feel overwhelmed.

So I thought ill show you my perfume my husband got me as a gift. I promise you I really cannot get enough of this light and sweet the fragrance. Its one of those scents that just clings to you and give you loads of happy memories. It is indeed The Rihanna Fragrance Rebelle, I am really not into celebrity perfumes and find them to be really pricy, but obviously I had no problem when my husband spoilt me with it. Oh! And just to show how much I loved it, I did a perfume inspired nail art….

What do you think about celebrity endorsed scents and which perfume is your favourite?

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XO Channi Chic


  1. I'm all for celebrity fragrances, providing they actually smell good! My boyfriend gave me Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, and I love it, its floral but not too sweet, and comes in a lovely little bottle.
    Love your blog by the way :)