Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Leggings for Every Look

I just love the versatility that wearing leggings bring. I am married woman that has a full time job, studies, runs a house, cooks, cleans and enjoy looking great in the clothes I wear. Therefore I need things that is simple yet trendy. Knowing your body time and what works for you is half the battle already won. I love wearing leggings as its such easy yet comfortable thing to wear. I promise you, that there are some people that wears leggings and I literally have to pick up my mouth from the floor. It really is that bad…. Knowing your body type makes wearing leggings so much easier.

If you are wider around your hips opt for a wearing black leggings and a bright colour top that hangs just below your bottom or wear a top that is slightly longer with slits along the side. Remember to Accessorize- why not?

If you are slimmer around your waist, you can go for a top that is above your bottom or on your hip. This will draw more attention to other parts of your body. Wear bold colours and tones it’s complimentary!

What do you wear with your leggings?

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XO Channi Chic

Saturday, 2 February 2013

9 Things You Should Love Right Now!

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This season of fashion and trends has been literally so diverse and interesting for me. There were so many amazing things and so many creative ways of wearing it. It does make playing dress up, much more fun.

#1: Peplum Top
#2: Bodycon Dress
#3: Aztec Tights
#4: Studded Purse
#5: Bow for your Hair
#6: High low slouch top
#7: Graphic Tees
#8: Pastel Coloured Jeans
#9: Nail Art

What trend do you love right now?

XO Channi Chic