Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hi Dolls,
Trust you all are having an awesome weekend thus far, even though it’s not over yet… Have fun!
This is just a quick post as I've got some exciting things happening and will let you in on it soon, I promise. In the meantime I’ll be doing my very 1st Youtube video soon whereby I’ll answer all your questions. I’m super excited about it so feel free to be a part of it and ask me anything on my below comment box and your question would be answered on my video!

XO Channi Chic

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Office a work in Progress

Hi Dolls,
I’m in the process of looking for various ideas regarding office deco. I really want to get myself sorted with a little work space as at the moment I am blogging/studying from any open space available to me. So for quite some time I’ve been looking for ideas on how to create the small space I have into a constructible yet “Chic” work environment. My closet is complete mess at the moment as my cupboards are way too small for all my stuff and there is no place for my shoes. So hubby and I are trying to design some cupboards that will make my life a little easier in regards to closet space and my shoes that literally finds itself in the Kitchen at times! Oops...

I received the @Home catalogue and the ideas just started flowing. I’ve always loved @Home’s product... But who can deny how gorgeous this product looks. I really do spend a lot of time on my Laptop and even with my head in-between my books. Thus I really do need a space that fits my personality and that is comfortable to spend hours in.

                              Love the scented candles and the mini diffusers.

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Dirty Dancing

Hi Dolls,
Trust you all had a great weekend. About 3 weeks ago my family and I went to watch the Dirty Dancing Musical in Cape Town. I forgot to post the pictures so I’m doing it now “Sorry”.
It was phenomenal to say the least. Normally you would think that the theatre performance would disappoint as the movie was just too brilliant to re-in act.
But I was sitting at the edge of my seat all the way through. The graphics they used to recreate each scene was absolutely amazing and because my sister and I knew each word. It was difficult for us to keep our composure.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside though, but I did manage to get some pictures of the group being super excited all the way through.
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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hi Dolls,
Trust you all are out and about having an Awesome weekend. The weather is not as great in Cape Town, SA. So I’m stuck indoor for today as I really just feel like drinking Hot Coffee and watching movies. Yes, it’s one of those days.
On another note, my husband has started building me some cupboards in my kitchen. I literally just started unpacking all of my things- so it’s not the final product; however I still like the simplicity of the way it looks.
While I was in the unpacking mood I ended up making a batch of Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with coffee icing. I know that this is definitely not the kinds of post I’m known to do but I thought it actually looked really pretty and wanted to share, so I’ve added a few pictures.

What are you guys getting up to today?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Garnier BB Cream

Hi Dolls,
I’ve seen everyone raving about how awesome the new Garnier BB cream is. I went out and purchased it for myself. I tried it and so sorry to say but I hate it! I tried it at first and was thinking that I would love it but it made my skin very- very oily. Like super shiny oily...
I know that it has like a built in moisturiser but it was not at all what I expected from a product with so many positive reviews. Maybe it’s just my skin that did not adhere to this product.
However I do love the fact that it helps protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage but I needed it to not make me look like I’m having hot flushes. What I wanted was a more matte and complete coverage. The coverage was very light and even looked like I had no coverage at all.

Well! You win some and you lose some....
Let me know how the BB cream worked for you?

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Monday, 18 March 2013

The 50's Fashion Era

Trust all is well with you… I have been extremely busy lately and have been very bad when it concerns blogging. Work, studies and family has been keeping me quiet busy, but I’m here right now.

So we decided to give a “Grease Themed” party, with milkshakes, Hamburgers, popcorn the whole works. It was so awesome dressing up like in the 50’s. It must have been such a fun time/era for fashion. The 50's was all about tight jeans, big bows, leather & bold colours J I’ve added some random pictures

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Look of the Day: Hearts

Trust everyone is doing well! With Valentine’s Day pass and all the love that’s been going around, thought it would be fun to do a Look of the Day, with some hearts! I have lately been loving the patent leather tights and seemingly find myself wearing it everywhere…

What did you guys get up to this Valentine’s day?

ZARA South Africa

Hi Dolls,
Trust you all had an absolutely Fantastic weekend. I know I did! I Visited the Zara Store in Waterfront and it looks absolutely Awesome… to say the least. Their product was absolutely amazing and of course very much Chic. It really was an experience I’m Loving how all these international brands are coming to Cape Town. Oh! And of course with Top shop joining us soon, Will do a full review and details when it happens…..  But I couldn't resist leaving Zara without getting something, something!

On another note: I’ve been getting so many fashion and beauty questions from some of my followers and I’m actually considering making a video answering all your questions all at once. So if you have any questions whether it is fashion, beauty related or merely personal lol Please ask them in the comment box below and ill answer it on my video…

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