Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Office a work in Progress

Hi Dolls,
I’m in the process of looking for various ideas regarding office deco. I really want to get myself sorted with a little work space as at the moment I am blogging/studying from any open space available to me. So for quite some time I’ve been looking for ideas on how to create the small space I have into a constructible yet “Chic” work environment. My closet is complete mess at the moment as my cupboards are way too small for all my stuff and there is no place for my shoes. So hubby and I are trying to design some cupboards that will make my life a little easier in regards to closet space and my shoes that literally finds itself in the Kitchen at times! Oops...

I received the @Home catalogue and the ideas just started flowing. I’ve always loved @Home’s product... But who can deny how gorgeous this product looks. I really do spend a lot of time on my Laptop and even with my head in-between my books. Thus I really do need a space that fits my personality and that is comfortable to spend hours in.

                              Love the scented candles and the mini diffusers.

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  4. Hi!! I love decoration and love candles!!! but for me the best are the coffe cups!! Kisses!!

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  8. great ! :)

  9. love it, nice blog by the way...


  10. pretty pieces, girl:)X