Monday, 18 March 2013

ZARA South Africa

Hi Dolls,
Trust you all had an absolutely Fantastic weekend. I know I did! I Visited the Zara Store in Waterfront and it looks absolutely Awesome… to say the least. Their product was absolutely amazing and of course very much Chic. It really was an experience I’m Loving how all these international brands are coming to Cape Town. Oh! And of course with Top shop joining us soon, Will do a full review and details when it happens…..  But I couldn't resist leaving Zara without getting something, something!

On another note: I’ve been getting so many fashion and beauty questions from some of my followers and I’m actually considering making a video answering all your questions all at once. So if you have any questions whether it is fashion, beauty related or merely personal lol Please ask them in the comment box below and ill answer it on my video…

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XO Channi Chic


  1. absolutely LOVE zara! there's one about an hour from me...but at least they have an online store now. glad it's come to SA for you :)

    a peek of chic