Thursday, 12 September 2013

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Kit

This is just a quick beauty post update on the lovely Friday Morning! I really am impressed with the Essence eyebrow stylist kit. I just did my makeup and applied the eyebrow colour. The colour was absolutely spot on and I love the fact that it doesn’t make my eyebrows look like its overshadowing my face.

The eyebrow set contains:
3 different eyebrow stencils
2 eyebrow shadows
1 brush
On my eyebrows I did not use any of the stencils or the brush as I already had a well defined shape. If your eyebrows do not have a shape, I would suggenst using the stencils.
I just used my slanted makeup brush using the darker option shadow and filled in my eyebrows. I have rather dark but fine eyebrows so when a pictures gets taken my eybrows seems to dissapear... he he don’t laugh Ive got serious issues!

Im really impressed that I managed to get such a great product that works for me at such a affordable price. Oh and while I was at it I just had to get this pretty peach blush xx

Let me know about your eyebrow issues!

Channi Chic


  1. Your brows look fab! I need to get my hands on these stencils because my brows are non-existent!! :)


    1. Thank You xx This product will then be great for you! Just choose the correct shade :)

  2. I didn't know that Essence had a brow kit! I will have to check it out! ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly


    1. You won't be disappointed :) Thanks for the comment xx

  3. this eyebrow kit looks like something I need in my life! thanks for sharing!

  4. Love that it comes with stencils! Will be picking it up:)