Sunday, 17 November 2013

#1 beauty tip: How to make your eye-shadow stay on the entire day

When asked by Clicks 'What's your #1 Beauty Tip or Beauty Trick?'
I immediately knew that for many years I struggled with getting my eye-shadow to stay on. In the morning I would put on eye-shadow and by lunch time my eye-shadow would have either disappeared or there would be a gunky crease in the corner of my lids.
We always hear about using eye primers from the most expensive brands, but that was simply not an option for me.

 A couple of months ago, I found this eye base from Essence and I have never looked back… he he he literally, it’s about 23ish rand so totally affordable! BONUS xx
What is eye-shadow if you don't have the proper brushes? I know RIGHT...

Please check out my video and I would love to know what your #1 Beauty Tip is?

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The Winner is....

I have just announced the winner of my first every blog competition… Yay! See this video to see if you have won!

Well Done and Congratulations to the Winner xx

Channi Chic

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Elle Rising Star Awards Event in Association with Mr Price

Last Night I attended the Elle Rising Star Awards Event in Association with Mr Price and it was AMAZING to say the least!
The 8 finalist displayed their designs as the models strutted down the catwalk in sheer elegance & Innovation crafted by the designers.

The lovely Editor of Elle Magazine: Jackie Burger opened the event as she explained in detail the hard work these 8 designers has put in to display these crafted garments.

This lovely Eats are from The Queen of Tarts

Managed to snap a picture with another fellow Cape Town Blogger from the blog called Superficial Girls!

The Winner of the Elle Rising Star Awards 2013 is: Nick Courts
Well done and Congratulations, we hope to be seeing much more of your gorgeous designs!

I am hosting a competition "Like" my facebook page here: and you could get your hands on my goodie bag!

My Dress is from Foschini

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I attended the Kiehl’s Cape Town Launch Celebration and boi oh boi was that a party! There was a live band playing in the background, snacks on hand and so many amazing people socialising. The reason for this gathering was that back in 12 November 2003, in recognition of Kiehl’s ongoing commitment to the communities in New York’s east village, New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially proclaimed this day “Kiehl’s Day”.

We were invited to celebrate world Kiehl’s day literally 10 years after it was first declared, as well as the launch of Kiehl’s Cape Town!
Met up with the lovely lady below from one my favourite Cape Town based blogs Lipgloss is my Life
My Dress is from Foschini xx
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Monday, 11 November 2013

My 5 basic essential products

So over the past week I have become quiet observant when it comes to the product I choose when doing my make up. I usually go the whole 9miles when it comes to make up but i realised that somewhere in all the make up I have these 5 products gets used over and over and eventually repurchased, with the exception of the Rubybox Smooch Stick which I have become totally obsessed with and will be repurchasing in every colour. 
Foundation & Powder
These 2 Yardley products has become staples in my Make Up bag. I would try other foundations and powders but would then end up coming back to Yardley 24hr Stayfast foundation and Yardley Stayfast Pressed powder. I think for me it's a case of it's not broken, why fix it. So I've stopped looking for other products as i'm often disappointed when it doesn't work the way I want it to.
 So meet my friend 2 above, old faithful.
Mascara & Liquid Liner
This Yardley Luxurious Lush Lashes Mascara has been one the best Mascara products I've tried. I've got very fine lashes but this product instantly thickens my lashes without it looking clumpy. There's are a few newer Revlon Mascara's on the market that I've tried and tested, but still I can confidently say that this one still remains the best for me.
I have recently discovered this Rubybox Smooch Stick and have been raving about it ever since, so I thought i would add it in here. The texture and the colour of this stick is sooooo... lovely. I find myself wearing minimal make up but adding this to my lips for a beautiful pop of colour! This is gonna be huge for summer.

So now that I've told you all what my basic essential products are, let me know in the comment box below what product you are loving and what products you are repurchasing?

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Update xx

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be getting up to:

I’ve been rather busy since my 1st Youtube video has gone live. I have received the most amazing comments and some rather constructive feedback, which I honestly appreciate. I believe the more I keep at it the better it will get so watch out for that...  Soon I will also be loading a Beauty Tip Video which I have been asked to do by “Clicks”! So I am really excited about that...

Ps: Next week I’ll be attending The ELLE Rising Star Design Award 2013 in association with Mr Price event so I’m really excited to be showing you guys all that go down there.

I’ve also just moved house so everything is going rather crazy at the moment! Excuse if you not getting a new post every day. Allow me time to just settle in J

Oh and it was my nieces birthday party on Saturday so I got rather ball happy in the kiddies pond lol All pictures below was taken by Lisa Wade Photography.

Yip that’s about the just of what’s been happening! If you want to stay in contact check out my Facebook page which I literally live on xx

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