Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Update xx

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be getting up to:

I’ve been rather busy since my 1st Youtube video has gone live. I have received the most amazing comments and some rather constructive feedback, which I honestly appreciate. I believe the more I keep at it the better it will get so watch out for that...  Soon I will also be loading a Beauty Tip Video which I have been asked to do by “Clicks”! So I am really excited about that...

Ps: Next week I’ll be attending The ELLE Rising Star Design Award 2013 in association with Mr Price event so I’m really excited to be showing you guys all that go down there.

I’ve also just moved house so everything is going rather crazy at the moment! Excuse if you not getting a new post every day. Allow me time to just settle in J

Oh and it was my nieces birthday party on Saturday so I got rather ball happy in the kiddies pond lol All pictures below was taken by Lisa Wade Photography.

Yip that’s about the just of what’s been happening! If you want to stay in contact check out my Facebook page which I literally live on xx

Channi Chic


  1. Love the photos! I'm also moving the end of the month and am already stressing what's going to become of my own little blog...

  2. Love the pictures! I know how moving can be ;) XO

  3. Love the hair :)
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