Thursday, 30 January 2014

Outfit of the Day

This is just a quick “Outfit of the Day” post, today has been absolutely crazy as ill be leaving for a weekend away in Paternoster and I’m trying to remember to do all the things I’m suppose to do. But this I will not forget lol.
Loving my Pin Up Bun

Hope you like what I wore; The printed pant & heels are from Mr Price, and a sparkling Top from Foschini. I am wearing my Limited Edition Channi Chic earings.

Have an Amazing Day!

Channi Chic

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Skin Care Range: Optiphi

Okay SO the reason for this post is that I will be testing out a new skin care range called Optiphi. I received these products from the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up and on the day there were an Optiphi representative and she was advising us on how the products work and the how it was created and so on.

So ill be using the below products:
Classic Complete Therapy
Aromatic Balm
Refine Foliant

I will give you all an update on what I think about it, after using it for 2 weeks xx

Channi Chic

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cape Town Blogger Meet Up

The Cape Town Blogger meet up has been in the works for a couple of months now, and I was really excited that the day has finally arrived. After hearing so many awesome things about the Johannesburg Blogger meet up, all the ladies in Cape Town felt rather left out.

The Cape Town Blogger Meet Up was held at Shelley’s Gourmet Café on Kloof. It is this beautiful café that has a house like feel, with quirky decoration details. When I arrived the room as filled so many gorgeous blogger ladies, and all you could hear was the amount hustle and bustle and chats happening!
The treats were Amazing!
As we were listening to some of the Key speakers we had 2 lovely ladies from “Rain” circling giving neck massages to the bloggers. It felt like I was floating on cloud 9….
There were a few key speakers & some stellar giveaways!

I was lucky enough to win a R1000 gift voucher from Contempory Jewelry pieces. Ill blog about the item I eventually choose xx

There were so many Awesome Brands that got on board with the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up and it really made this event so much more memorable as the goodie bags was AWESOME!

It was such an amazing opportunity to meet and socialize with all the bloggers. 
Cant wait to do individual reviews on the products! That will be coming soon.

Channi Chic

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Road Trip: Day 4

So we have been in Hartenbos, for the pass 2 days and thought that we it would be nice to drive to a few places.
On our way to Knysna we passed such beautiful scenery, there were greenery and mountain tops everywhere we looked. We then decided to stop at the Waterfront in Knysna for an Ice-cream. There were so many pretty little stores.

  My family and I are mayor adrenaline junkies so we had decided to go to Adventure Land! It is a water park in Plettenberg in the middle of a forest. It was amazing! There were tubes and freefalls definitely not for the faint hearted.

Channi Chic

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3, we opted to just stay put. We were so tired of all the driving we thought that we would just take it easy. So all we did was swim, jump on the trampoline and play putt-putt.
The sun was scorching hot and I tried to keep myself covered as far as possible with reapplying sunscreen, but I could have gotten few shades darker xx
My hair has been frizzed for a couple of days now as we kept swimming!

I've added a few pictures; we really just had such a chilled day!

This bikini cover up can be found at Mr Price

Channi Chic

Monday, 20 January 2014

Road Trip: Day 2

So Day 2 started off with us saying good bye to Outshoorn. We thought it would be nice to take a few more pictures before we say our final goodbye and depart. The Ostriches welcomed us as they watched our every move with their big beady eyes! It made for a great picture hey!
The above picture is taken with my adorable niece Carla 

We took the road and as we move along the mountain bends outside of Outshoorn we came across this beautiful untouched resource, it was like a mini waterfall. We opted to stop and take a few pictures with a watchful eye as the area was surrounded by baboons.
We had finally arrived at the destination which we would be staying the entire week, Hartenbos. We were too early for book in, so we decided to explore a bit. We then went to the Mosselbay Point and there were a cave once again which was previously inhabited by bushman as well.

The above picture is my sister co-owner of Lisa Wayne Creations!
Love this above picture of my husband and I. The wind is blowing my hair and he is blowing bubbles he he

The Beaches, BOI OH BOI Mosselbay beaches are amazing! The water was ridiculously warm and the waves just added to our festive mood. 

This was without a doubt not any ordinary Monday xx

All pictures were taken by Lisa Wayne Creations!

Channi Chic

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Road Trip: Day 1

I am so excited to finally be going on a mini vacation, as it’s been quiet a busy year regarding work and studies and I've been looking forward to having a bit off down time. I also thought that I didn’t want shut down my blog for the upcoming 2 weeks so ill be posting, or atleast try to post everyday about our road trip and the adventures we get up to in our beautiful country, South Africa. I have some random pictures of my day!

So on Day 1 we departed from Cape Town at about 3:30am, we wanted to drive rather early and miss most of the heat of the sun. We stopped at a few spots along the road such as Montague, Calitzdorp & Ladismith. It really is such a beautiful experience to see our country and all its beauty as we embarked on this journey!
After driving for 5 hours we arrived at our current destination, Outshoorn. Before we went and explored the area, we opted to stop at the trusted Spur for our morning breakfast.
We then got on Route to the Cango Caves; I have gone before in Grade 7 on our school tour. But experiencing it now is such an eye opener as to how mysterious and beautiful this land really is. They took us into a chamber and we were taken back in time to when the Bushman had inhabited the caves. It was such an educational experience.

We then needed to book into our accommodation called “Plaaswerf Huisies” in Outshoorn which we would spend the night. This was a beautifully situated cottage between surrounded with Ostriches.

We ended the evening with a dip in the pool, supper and then off to bed to regain strength for that which awaits us tomorrow xx

Look out for tomorrows post on Road Trip: Day 2

Channi Chic