Monday, 20 January 2014

Road Trip: Day 2

So Day 2 started off with us saying good bye to Outshoorn. We thought it would be nice to take a few more pictures before we say our final goodbye and depart. The Ostriches welcomed us as they watched our every move with their big beady eyes! It made for a great picture hey!
The above picture is taken with my adorable niece Carla 

We took the road and as we move along the mountain bends outside of Outshoorn we came across this beautiful untouched resource, it was like a mini waterfall. We opted to stop and take a few pictures with a watchful eye as the area was surrounded by baboons.
We had finally arrived at the destination which we would be staying the entire week, Hartenbos. We were too early for book in, so we decided to explore a bit. We then went to the Mosselbay Point and there were a cave once again which was previously inhabited by bushman as well.

The above picture is my sister co-owner of Lisa Wayne Creations!
Love this above picture of my husband and I. The wind is blowing my hair and he is blowing bubbles he he

The Beaches, BOI OH BOI Mosselbay beaches are amazing! The water was ridiculously warm and the waves just added to our festive mood. 

This was without a doubt not any ordinary Monday xx

All pictures were taken by Lisa Wayne Creations!

Channi Chic


  1. You look so stunning! <3 I love your photo with the ostriches! :)


  2. The photos are so pretty, and your niece's hair... Love it, so cute!

  3. maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3