Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tomy Takkies

I had received an Awesome Pair of White Tomy Takkies at the Cape Town Blogger Meet Up! We were given some colour pens and were told to draw on them to win a prize. I was amongst one of the bloggers- that with our poor artistic skills didn’t want to ruin a good pair of shoes! And until now… I was waiting for the right moment to wear them. On weekends I’m a Jean and Takkie kind of a girl. I do own a black pair of Tomy Takkies and I wear them with absolutely anything!
I I had so much fun wearing the white pair. It kind of made me feel like a Ballerina Girl xx
After all the days festivities my white Tomy's wasn't white anymore... But I earned those battle marks!
Next on the List a Red Pair of Tomy Takkies! For Valentine’s Day Of course! Wink…
Dress by Foschini
Channi Chic

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