Monday, 31 March 2014

Outfit Look: Sweat Top

I hope you all had a stunning weekend! I know I did, as I was indoors the entire weekend. I ended up being a sloth, lying in bed and watching series the entire day, episode after episode and it was GREAT!

And when I did eventually get up, this would be the easy look I’d be going for. This is a stunning sweat top from Zara, such an easy top to pull off with a pair of denims and boots. I am however playing it up with the Gold bag, but you can ditch it, if it’s way too dressy for you.

Let me know what you wore over the weekend?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Naturals Beauty Products

So this has been a very stressful week for me with, work and all the varsity assignments being due. The best way for me to unwind is with a pamper session. Yes... and it was good!

I removed all my makeup and slashed on the Naturals Beauty Face Mask. The smell of the Mask was so fresh.

 It is a hydrating and purifying masque which removes impurities from the skin, soothe, moisturise and nourish it. The Chamomile extract have calming and protective properties. Anti-oxidants provided by Rooibos extract and Vitamin E to keep skin healthy and younger looking. It is Ideal for all skin types.
After leaving the mask on for about 20 minutes my skin felt, really clean and rejuvenated. This is really an amazing product if your skin needs a pick me up.

The gel cleanser which also forms part of the Essential Collection from Naturals Beauty, it’s a gentle facial wash for normal / combination skin. It will remove all impurities as well as make-up, without leaving your skin dry. The moisturising oils will nourish the skin, whilst the botanical extracts give antibacterial benefits to the skin. 

If you want to get your own dose of Naturals Beauty Products you can go on the website
Email the lovely lady Tanya on and she can hook you up.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Maybelline: Baby Lips

Last week I got home to these stunning lippies. Thanks to L’Oreal.
I always like using a product for a while before I actually do a post on it, as I want to give my full honest opinion on a product.

I am not usually a Lip Balm kind of a girl as I like a colour or even a slight shine when it comes to my lips. But I kept these Lip Balms with me when I had no lipstick at hand and it came in as such a life saver.

Let’s just start off on, how cute is this packaging? I know... Right! I’m all about packaging. Would eat something that didn’t look good ermm... no same goes for products and to add pretty packaging equals, pretty pictures Yay!
After using these balms my lips felt sooooo soft and really nourished.
The blue Maybeline Lip Balm has a sweet fruity fragrance and the green Lip Balm was more Minty. This is definitely not your ordinary Lip Balm.
These lippies definitely deserves and entire post dedicated to them.

Go ahead and Try these Beauties out, I approve xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

SA band “Black Ties”, takes the stage!

 On Friday I was at the Company Gardens to watch my favourite South African Band, Black Ties perform for the Cape Town Festival. They were the last act of the day and definitely did not disappoint. I believe that Music in SA has taken on a whole new level. The Black Ties features Lloyd Jansen, Chad Saaiman & Keeno Lee.
Yes, I was the groupie in the front row, screaming and singing along to every song they performed. Also not to forget their band players on the instruments was off the chain. That is what makes them such a well balanced group of talented performers.

This is SA talent at its best.

So obviously after the performance by Black Ties I roamed the Company gardens, it is such a beautiful relaxing setting.
I managed to get slightly carried away with the pictures.

 I wore an Ink and White striped Maxi Dress from Foschini, Black Sandals from Legit.

Monday, 24 March 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring

It’s completely pouring in Cape Town today, and after all those lovely sunny days we had received I don’t mind the rain at all.

So today’s look post is a rather transitional look, for winter. You can add some leggings or thick stockings to this look to give it a much warmer feel. The sack dress is such a easy wear and earmuff was so furry and soft. Definitely got me in the mood to turn around and return back to my bed.  

Let me know what you think of this easy look?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


We all love long thick dark lashes, it just has the ability to make your eyes pop and gives it that added bit of PRETTY.
So I always get asked how I manage to apply Mascara to my bottom lashes without getting it to smudge, mmmm... I’ll let you in on it!
We always try to add mascara to our bottom lashes but seeing that it always such a mess we end up just leaving it and just applying only to our top lashes.

So this is how I apply Mascara to my lashes, in no way am I saying this is the only way to do it or the that this is the best way.

But this is the way I do it and have for a while.

Step 1: So I know this might sound crazy, but I always do my eyes first. Yes first. So ill apply my eye base and Mascara before I even add concealler or foundation to my skin.

Step 2: So on my clean fresh face ill apply a moisturiser & sunscreen and then I would jump straight into applying my mascara. The reason for doing this is that any smudges or leaks that could happen would just be swiped off with either a cotton bud.

Step 3: I would use the Mascara Brush in Picture 1, on my top lashes; it spreads my lashes out evenly.

Step 4: This is where I use the Mascara Brush in Picture 2 to apply to my bottom lashes. This brush is much thinner and allows you to get all those little short hairs. If it does smudge, don’t worry your skin is suppose to still be dewy from your moisturiser so just use a cotton bud and clean up as you go along.

Step 5: After I’ve applied mascara to my bottom lashes, I use the Mascara brush in picture 3 to separate the hairs. So I would take a wet wipe and remove all the mascara from the brush and merely use the brush as a comb. This will neatly separate the hairs and you will have that well applied non stuck together lashes.

Step 6: Now you would be able to apply your concealler and foundation as well as
powder, no leaks will be seen.

Let me know if this has somehow helped you?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Toy Nail Polish

So not too long ago I received this stunning black box which was filled with 3 vibrant Toy nail polishes. I have no idea how they knew what my favourite colours were but they just did. To those of you that often read my blog know how much I love my bright pink nail polishes as well as my neon yellows.

When I received the Toy Nail Polishes I was expecting a normal polish that chips after 2 days and that takes for ever to dry. From the first stroke I was pleasantly surprised that it went on in a breeze and dries so quickly. I almost always smudge my nails when applying it, but with the Toy Nail polish I had finished all 10 fingers and added my second coat with no smudges as it literally dried so quickly.

Some Facts about Toy Nail Polish:

I then went in and started playing around with all the colours, and I was in Toy Heaven.

If you want to have your own dose of Toy you can find them on Facebook: Click here

Which colour is your favourite?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Outfit Look: Animal Prints

Happy Friday! It’s such a stunning day in Cape Town and the fact that it’s the start of the Weekend just makes it so much better.
My week has been a bit busy as I had none stop projects and things at work to focus, but it has all worked out in the end.

My outfit look of the day is something rather diffrent, i’m wearing a animal printed sack dress, with camel boots and a black turban.

Let me know what you think of this look?