Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Maybelline: Baby Lips

Last week I got home to these stunning lippies. Thanks to L’Oreal.
I always like using a product for a while before I actually do a post on it, as I want to give my full honest opinion on a product.

I am not usually a Lip Balm kind of a girl as I like a colour or even a slight shine when it comes to my lips. But I kept these Lip Balms with me when I had no lipstick at hand and it came in as such a life saver.

Let’s just start off on, how cute is this packaging? I know... Right! I’m all about packaging. Would eat something that didn’t look good ermm... no same goes for products and to add pretty packaging equals, pretty pictures Yay!
After using these balms my lips felt sooooo soft and really nourished.
The blue Maybeline Lip Balm has a sweet fruity fragrance and the green Lip Balm was more Minty. This is definitely not your ordinary Lip Balm.
These lippies definitely deserves and entire post dedicated to them.

Go ahead and Try these Beauties out, I approve xx


  1. I love babylips, my favourite is the peach one!

  2. Love for babylips, smoothing my chapped lips
    I used the peach one, it's smell nice as well


  3. I lovee babylips so much! They smell soo good :) My favourite is the berry one :) xx