Tuesday, 25 March 2014

SA band “Black Ties”, takes the stage!

 On Friday I was at the Company Gardens to watch my favourite South African Band, Black Ties perform for the Cape Town Festival. They were the last act of the day and definitely did not disappoint. I believe that Music in SA has taken on a whole new level. The Black Ties features Lloyd Jansen, Chad Saaiman & Keeno Lee.
Yes, I was the groupie in the front row, screaming and singing along to every song they performed. Also not to forget their band players on the instruments was off the chain. That is what makes them such a well balanced group of talented performers.

This is SA talent at its best.

So obviously after the performance by Black Ties I roamed the Company gardens, it is such a beautiful relaxing setting.
I managed to get slightly carried away with the pictures.

 I wore an Ink and White striped Maxi Dress from Foschini, Black Sandals from Legit.

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