Saturday, 12 April 2014

Cinderella's Secret: Shhh...Box

So on a Saturday I would typically go shopping, go to friends or family. But Today I’m doing neither of the two. When my Shhh…Box arrived from Cinderella Secret I knew exactly what I would be doing.
I would be spending my day doing absolutely nothing except being surrounded with stunning products that would allow me to give myself the well deserved pamper I've been looking for.
This month’s Shhh…Box included all things nails. Trust me I’m not complaining.
I am constantly trying new nail colours and brands for my blog, which means on with polishes then off polishes.  But this is the first time that I’ll be giving my nails some pamper and I am excited.
I went through all the goodies in the Shhh…Box and the lovely fragrances in each bottle and tub made me go into yummy land. This really would be such a lovely gift to give someone on their birthday or even just as a great gesture. How about having a pamper party with all your friends and do each other’s nails & hands?
Well whatever you decide to do, the Shhh…Box has everything you will need to make your hands & nails feel you were at the most luxurious spa treat.
The contents of the box:
Cuticle Remover (30ml)
Hand & Nail Cream (100ml)
Peppermint, Avo & Cucumber Hand Soak (80g)
Cold Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment- Strawberry (50g)
Peppermint & Apple Hand Mask (100g)

Tools on pictures are included
The Shhh... Box is R200 what an absolute steal. Check their website if you would like to order your own Shhh...Box