Saturday, 19 April 2014

Women's Lifestyle Expo 2014

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo has proven to be an absolute HIT, it was held at The look out in V&A Waterfront. I was part of the Media at the event & we were served a stunning Champagne Breakfast as we were gathered with various other Bloggers, Magazine Editors in the center of the Expo.
After our breakfast we were led to the speaker area, where the MC of the event @MsNobel left us in stitches with her unconventional MC ways.

Jenny Lowe took the stage a girl suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension. It is a little-known, degenerative, life-threatening condition that has changed Jenna’s life. Only the right medical care, a dedicated team of global doctors, on-going research and expensive medication regimes allow us to improve Jenna’s quality of life and buy her more time. The Women’s lifestyle Expo has committed 8% of their ticket sales to Jenny Lowe Trust.

There were so many stunning stalls on display. A few of my favourite MilQ & Honey, Ruby Box, NYX Cosmetics and the stall that I spend most of my time at was The Fox box.
The Fox Box is a mobile nail bar, which brings your entire nail requirements to the comforts of your home. In love with my French Manicure, may I just add!!!
Have a Stunning Easter Weekend!


  1. Hi Channi,
    Sure looks like it was an awesome event - I've seen tons of tweets ... rather envious down here in Jozi.
    Happy Easter to you and yours
    Simply Sassy Style

    1. Hi Wendy,
      It was really Amazing... Hope it goes to Jozi so that you can check it out.

      Have an stunning day xx

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