Thursday, 29 May 2014

EVENT: Arrival of MIMCO in South Africa

So I’ve been rather quiet on my blog for the past 2 weeks due to exams literally being so intense that I couldn’t even find a break in-between to blog. I’ve got so many new posts that I would like to share with you all, but time was just not on my side. The good news is that I’m almost done and have a bit of free time until I write my last subject hence I needed some fun in my life... sad but true. But with the Arrival of Mimco in South Africa it was just the fun treat I needed to give me a kick start after the 2 week drought I’ve been having. You are allowed to use FUN, MIMCO & BEAUTIFUL ACCESSORIES in the same sentence xx
So myself and one of my best girlfriends thought we would check out this new MIMCO store that everyone that has been abroad has been raving about and I promise it did not disappoint. It was a pretty intimate setting as everyone looked and the product and shopped for the most gorgeous pieces which are so easy to mix and match. I am a complete bag fanatic and the bags were what made my heart pounce a thousand times faster!
The editor of Aus Grazia was there to welcome everyone and the lovely celebrity guest Lalla Hirayama demonstrated how we could actually layer our arm pieces and even neck pieces, but however only choose 1 area to layer at a time.
The bags, accessories and shoes were gorgeous to say the least & the bonus was that we got an exclusive 20% of the new season collection.
The treats on display were so delish and so decadent to say the least. How pretty are they???

If you are looking for absolutely timeless & unique pieces of jewellery, bags & shoes that would make everyone do a double take; Mimco is definite one stop shop for that.

The store is now open for business at the V&A Waterfront xx

Monday, 19 May 2014

New: Ralo BB Cream

was nominated as one for the Brand Ambassadors for Ralo Cosmetics and I am rather excited about that as I get to try out their product and give you in-depth information on the product as well as any new product launches. Regardless: I am a regular shopper at Ralo as I love all there highly pigmented eyeshadows but I must admit I was somewhat sceptical when I saw that Ralo had launched a new BB cream. I had tried some of other brands of BB creams before and it just didn’t work for me. But nevertheless I remained objective and went ahead and tried it.
I generally find it quiet hard to choose shades as I’m one of those in-between shade cases, I’m never light nor medium.  I am always a mixture of the two. But when I tested the Ralo BB cream for my shade “Light” it was a perfect match. Now if you always hear me ranting about my oily skin and from my previous encounter with BB creams they are always quiet oily and makes my face look like one big shine ball. I then tried & tested the Ralo BB cream and was absolutely amazed that it’s actually Non-Oily and had a rather matte finish. It provided me a quiet natural finish and not an overdone Make Up look that a normal foundation gives.

I am rather obsessed when it comes to applying Sunscreen I always apply it underneath any make up I wear, but with this Ralo BB cream I just didn’t need to as it’s already build inside which means more time at my disposal.
I then actually read up on it and found that there are actually 6 benefits to using this specific Ralo BB cream
  • Primer
    For smooth texture & even skin tone
  • Concealer
    Covers blemishes & imperfections
  • Foundation
    Provides complete natural coverage
  • Moisturizer
    For hydrated, fresh and radiant skin
  • Non-Oily
    A light, non-oily formulation for a silky matte finish
  • Sun Protection
    Contains sunscreen
I really do recommend you try this product as it’s even such a light weight, natural product that is so good for your skin. I’ve even started using the Ralo BB cream and applying a pressed powder over it and it last so much longer. 
I am Rather Impressed xx 

Have you tried this product and if so what do you think? 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Healing Earth

 I am so excited to introduce these Healing Earth products to you. There products has been my go to treat products for the past couple of weeks and I cannot stop raving about how much I have enjoyed using it. It's obvious that this time of the year things can get a bit busy/crazy and we actually just need a break. Yes, I'm talking about some "you" time!

When I first opened up the jar of Pure Salt Crystals. My senses immediately felt stimulated, and intrigued by this bold yet relaxing and calming scent. What i love so much about these products is that it really felt like I could enjoy a relaxing spa atmosphere in the comfort of my own home. It really is something you should try for yourself! Add these Pure Salt Crystals to a bath and it would literally take you places, wink!
The Healing Earth Body Polish is one of my utmost favourites, as I love scrubs/exfoliators and this one is really on top of my list. I have really dry skin & this product has really helped especially for my legs. The Body Polish helps remove dead skin cells and impurities and it left my skin soft and beautifully scented. 
The Healing Earth Body & Bath Oil is such a treat for me. It's really one of those products that you can actually feel yourself de-stressing after you use it. It can be used to relax the mind and sooth away the stresses of the day while, lighting the signs of ageing! 
As the festive season approaches these Healing Earth products are a must have, I would really recommend you give it a go. These products would also make such great gifts for Christmas. For more information on the Healing Earth products and where it can be found, see: or follow them of facebook: HealingEarthAfrica

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Election Day

So yesterday was voting day in South Africa as thousands upon thousands stormed to voting stations to cast their vote! However I was not one of those people that woke up at the crack of dawn to stand in a queue, I opted for a lazy morning filled with movies and loads and snacks in my PJs and then eventually at 2pm I gave myself a reality check and went to the voting stations myself.
I probably only stood in a queue for 3 minutes and then I had the opportunity to cast my vote. As a young adult living in a country that has a democratic free society for about 20 years and the fact that there were people that have sacrificed their lives for me to make my “Mark”, I believe it is a amazing and profound time to be living in South Africa.
The weather was sunny but slightly windy so I opted for my comfortable tan boots from Fashion Express, dark wash denims from Edgars and a sparklingly pink top.

Did you cast your vote?