Monday, 19 May 2014

New: Ralo BB Cream

was nominated as one for the Brand Ambassadors for Ralo Cosmetics and I am rather excited about that as I get to try out their product and give you in-depth information on the product as well as any new product launches. Regardless: I am a regular shopper at Ralo as I love all there highly pigmented eyeshadows but I must admit I was somewhat sceptical when I saw that Ralo had launched a new BB cream. I had tried some of other brands of BB creams before and it just didn’t work for me. But nevertheless I remained objective and went ahead and tried it.
I generally find it quiet hard to choose shades as I’m one of those in-between shade cases, I’m never light nor medium.  I am always a mixture of the two. But when I tested the Ralo BB cream for my shade “Light” it was a perfect match. Now if you always hear me ranting about my oily skin and from my previous encounter with BB creams they are always quiet oily and makes my face look like one big shine ball. I then tried & tested the Ralo BB cream and was absolutely amazed that it’s actually Non-Oily and had a rather matte finish. It provided me a quiet natural finish and not an overdone Make Up look that a normal foundation gives.

I am rather obsessed when it comes to applying Sunscreen I always apply it underneath any make up I wear, but with this Ralo BB cream I just didn’t need to as it’s already build inside which means more time at my disposal.
I then actually read up on it and found that there are actually 6 benefits to using this specific Ralo BB cream
  • Primer
    For smooth texture & even skin tone
  • Concealer
    Covers blemishes & imperfections
  • Foundation
    Provides complete natural coverage
  • Moisturizer
    For hydrated, fresh and radiant skin
  • Non-Oily
    A light, non-oily formulation for a silky matte finish
  • Sun Protection
    Contains sunscreen
I really do recommend you try this product as it’s even such a light weight, natural product that is so good for your skin. I’ve even started using the Ralo BB cream and applying a pressed powder over it and it last so much longer. 
I am Rather Impressed xx 

Have you tried this product and if so what do you think? 


  1. Great post and review

    Love Vikee

  2. I've tried it too, love it! :)