Friday, 13 June 2014

EVENT: Maaji Swimwear Launch

So last night I attended the Maaji Swimear Launch. We got greeted with Coconut water and some very fun festivities. The setting of the launch was literally like a treasure map landscape where you would visit different spots and tick off with an “X” where you’ve been and once you’ve completed the map your name would be entered into a draw.
I started off at the Nail bar, where the lovely Foxbox ladies were creating signature nail art with the use of Toy Nail Polish. I chose a pretty flower print which blended beautifully with nail colour I already had on.

 Oh and the picture below was me, gushing to the Brand Manager of Toy Nail Polish about how I love the polishes she sent me and how much I love the colour ranges! PS: a litle birdie menthioned that their website would be launching soon... super excited about that :)

After I done my nail art, I got my 1st “X” and could then choose a beautiful coloured Maaji headband and get my hair styled at one of the workstations.

All around and in-between the crowd was gorgeous models wearing the signature Maaji Swimwear and they were more than willing to pose for a picture xx The swimwear pieces had the loveliest fun and querky prints and I can definitely see myself rocking one of those swimsuits in Summer. Oh and the ice lolies took me way back to my highschool day...

It was really such a fun, light hearted evening and the snacks were AMAZING!
We had moustaches drawn unto our fingers and myself and blogger buddy Anja from Glitz & Grammar had tons of laughs on the fact that I couldn’t keep my moustache in the right place, my finger kept moving around!
It really was a lovely evening and a spectacular launch.

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  1. oh their stuff is just too gorgeous! I love swimwear from South if I only I looked like Giselle Bundchen!