Monday, 21 July 2014

Hermanus: Windsor Hotel

So this is my first official post under my “SA Explore” link that I've added to my blog. This tab will be my space where I will review various places, accommodations & restaurants in and around South Africa.

So it literally fell into place when hubby and I thought we would spend the weekend in Hermanus which is famous for its scenic views and its southern right whale watching during the southern winter and springHowever Hermanus is much more than just that.
We stayed at the Windsor Hotel which is 3 star seafront hotel based on the cliff edge with spectacular panoramic views.
The look and feel of the hotel resembled that of a vintage & well maintained cozy comfortable castle.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and spend the evening out looking the beautiful scenic view right from our room the sound of the water crashing against the rocks made for such a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel had various sections which was a host to beautiful leather couches and an ever burning fire place, which was perfect for this particular super cold winter evening.

The Saturday morning hubby and I woke up to a delicious smelling breakfast which we could literally smell all the way from breakfast area. It was a lovely breakfast buffet spread that was fit for a king.

We then decided to tour and roam Hermanus and saw that the local market was quiet the scene and well as the status and monuments that speaks of Hermanus’s strong History. However sadly we did not get to see a whale this time...

If you ever decide to Visit Hermanus do make sure to check out the Windsor Hotel.

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