Monday, 25 August 2014

Dermalogica Face Mapping & Analysis

I was super excited when I was invited by Heather a fun loving blogger at Femme Lifestyle to attend a Dermalogica skin mapping event as a guest with "bloggers who bless" girls.
I arrived at the Dermalogica at Wembley Square and was welcomed by all the lovely bloggers. The dermalogica ladies then explain to us the skin mapping process. We were explained that our face will be divided into 14 sections and they will the bit by bit analyze those key areas.
So results of skin reveals your skins condition as well as the products most effective at delivering all-over skin health. To access your progress and accuracy of your product regimen, you need to receive a face mapping every 4-6 weeks.
So after my face analysis it showed that I had some signs dehydration & comedones- which stands for aka blackheads. Eeeekkkk when I looked into the mirror that was definitely not what I saw, but I guess when they looking at it with a microscope there is very little that could hide.
OK so it sucked to have that written all over my face analysis map but the cool part was that they prescribed us products that specifically suited our problems.
Everyone had a different problem and that was what made it so awesome, that Dermalogica has a product to suit every skin issue that was thrown at them.
After getting our skin mapped the Dermalogica lady called Lucinda showed us how to remove our makeup, and apply all the various product which was prescribed for us.
It really was such an informative session.
These 3 below products are currently my favourite and is perfect for my skin the special cleansing gel, daily microfoliant & active moist.
I would really recommend you to get your face mapped as it highlights any concerns that can tackle now before it becomes too late.

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