Monday, 15 September 2014

#SpreeSS2014 Summer/Spring Lookbook Event

I was really excited when I was invited to the Spree Summer/Spring 2014 Lookbook event! I had missed the Winter/Autumn event which was a couple of months prior and was seriously green faced. So this year I was not gonna missed it... The event was at the stylish Brundyn Gallery in Cape Town.
We were welcomed with canape’s and a welcoming drink to kick start the event, the gorgeous garments was on display for all to see and it really was such amazing pieces as the days gets warmer!
The event saw SA fashion royalty out in force, with Spree Boutique designers Marianne Fassler, 
Malcolm KLûK, Christiaan Gabriël du Toit, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Thula Sindi all in attendance. Guests 
– including media darlings and well-known celebrities such as Sinazo Mekgwe, Cindy Nell and 
Vanessa Haywood, sipped Tanqueray cocktails as models posed in Spree’s trend selections for Spring / Summer 2014.
It’s always fun to snap some pictures with my blogger buddies, Lauren & Bianca. Picture below is me and Anja.
My dress, cardi, heels & bag are all from Foschini
I cannot wait to start shopping some of these key pieces from

Friday, 5 September 2014

2014 EMBRACE Shimmer Collection

I was super excited to have been invited to the Shimmer Blogger Brunch, as I knew that this would be a space to chat & interact with other bloggers.
We were welcomed at the event with a name badge, welcoming drink and a complimentary polish.
We were then introduced to the sunning 2014 EMBRACE Shimmer Collection, which beautifully on display.
We were then spoiled with a 4 course meal, after the 2nd meal I could no longer sit up straight. I was sure that my button could potentially pop.
We then played a game which required all the ladies to dig into our bags and find an item starting with whichever letter was being called out. I was super sad as I usually walk around everyday- all day, with a very heavy bag which is filled to the brim. But that very morning I cleaned out everything and I was left with only my keys, purse and I-phone.  Not many options to dig from.

However the enter morning was filled with spoils, chats and lots of laughter.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Rubybox: Beauty Night Out

So on Friday I headed out to the well anticipated Rubybox #beautynightout event with my friend Crystal. This was my 1st year going so I didn't quite know what to expect at an event like this... but I was pleasantly surprised.
As we arrived the lovely Rubybox ladies gave us armband which had the #beautynightout written on it. We were told to tweet using that hashtag and that you could WIN big. Being the kind of girl who doesn't really get excited for competitions, as I have the notion of if I win, that’s great. But if I don’t, it’s ok too.
We received our welcoming drink and moved on to the various stations which were set up for our enjoyment. The first station I just had to see was the stunning ladies from mangwanani giving massages and after the day I had, this was definitely I must. I decided to go for a pressure point massage and it was heavenly. I didn't think I would like it as much as what I did. I felt so refreshed and relaxed. I was having so much fun taking selfies while getting my massage on, that I didn't even notice that a picture was being taken. Ha ha ha
I then moved on to the Sally Hansen Nail bar, and I really could not decide what I wanted. But after much deliberation I decided to try the Midnight in NY colour. It looked stunning on.
So by this time, I had tweet & posted how much fun I was having all over social media. The Rubybox ladies then took to the stage and then announced the winners of some prizes. They mentioned that they will be giving away 2 return flight tickets to anywhere in SA along with many other prizes that I failed to hear of.
At that time, I was chatting to my friend Crystal, but also thinking to myself how awesome it would be to win those tickets & then in that moment of silence I hear my name being called… Channichic…. Channichic? When I realized that I was being called I exploded with excitement and I really could not contain my joy! My night was made….
I then attempted to mildly calm down and enjoy the rest of the evening.

I then decided to get my Make Up done at the Stila counter and it really rounded off a stunning evening of pampering.
Last but definitely not least we could go and create our very own Rubybox, by choosing 4 different products that we wanted to include.
All in all, it was an exceptionally well organized event. Definitely looking forward to next year.