Friday, 5 September 2014

2014 EMBRACE Shimmer Collection

I was super excited to have been invited to the Shimmer Blogger Brunch, as I knew that this would be a space to chat & interact with other bloggers.
We were welcomed at the event with a name badge, welcoming drink and a complimentary polish.
We were then introduced to the sunning 2014 EMBRACE Shimmer Collection, which beautifully on display.
We were then spoiled with a 4 course meal, after the 2nd meal I could no longer sit up straight. I was sure that my button could potentially pop.
We then played a game which required all the ladies to dig into our bags and find an item starting with whichever letter was being called out. I was super sad as I usually walk around everyday- all day, with a very heavy bag which is filled to the brim. But that very morning I cleaned out everything and I was left with only my keys, purse and I-phone.  Not many options to dig from.

However the enter morning was filled with spoils, chats and lots of laughter.


  1. Beautiful pictures
    Great post

    Love Vikee

  2. Love the photos they are stunning..