Monday, 13 October 2014

I Heart Durban

So I haven’t shared much about my Mini Vacation to Durban, other than pictures I've posted to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
Seeing that everyone is asking me about it, ill thought ill do a little post and share some of my instagram pictures with you.  So how this vacation came about was that my Husband and I were planning on going to Durban in Jan 2015, as it’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do. But as life goes something always seemed to pop up. A couple of weeks ago I attended Rubybox, Beauty night out and was blessed enough to win 2 return tickets with Travelstart & Airlink. Hubby and I knew that this was the time just to do it, so after 3weeks after that night we were on our way to Durban.
So after we landed in Durban, we got our car rental and went to book into a little cottage in Durban North. The weather seemed nice and sunny but the Friday evening the sky looked rather dark and the wind started blowing heavily. Now don’t get me wrong, one of the big reasons for wanting to visit Durban is for their Tropical Climate, warm weather and beautiful beaches. However that was definitely not on the cards for us, as for some crazy reason, it was cold and raining the entire 4days we were there. That however did not put a dampen on our vacation as there were so much more to be seen.
We checked out Ushaka Marine World, even though we could only see the aquarium and the animals, was it was far too cold for the water slides. We checked out Durban Mini Town, which are miniature models of all the buildings and transport systems in Durban. We even checked out the Durban Market, which we ended up being dressed up in Chinese wedding attire for fun of it. The Botanical gardens are gorgeous and really beautiful place to relax and read a book. I went to Gateway mall, which is huge and I can totally see myself getting carried away with the shopping. In total it was a easy 4days of total happiness!
Even though it was only 4days, it was so much fun. It crazy to think that we live in SA but we have barely scrapped the brim of the beautiful landscapes our country has to offer. Ill end of by saying that Durban holds a tiny part of my heart.


  1. This looks like such an incredible trip! It looks like you packed a lot of fun into just four days!

    1. It was awesome :) Would love to go again, just a slight bit longer.