Saturday, 11 October 2014


So I super excited when I was invited to the Iphoneography event. If you know me personally you would know that I am obsessed with any “Apple” hence this event was not to be missed for me. The event was basically a platform to showcase all the various photographs that has been taken using an Iphone.
 There were various categories that you could your most unique and loved photographs. This year there was even a #selfie category. How cool is that? So if you could hold still, snap a picture while trying to not do the duck pout. You could totally enter the competition.

When I arrived we were placed in the awesome “Press section” which was awesome as the food and drinks were amazing. Ps: I rushed to the event straight after work, so I was starving!
The various awards winners were announced in their respective categories and the crowd went wild. It really was amazing to see that those pictures/moments that the winners snapped were merely them taking pictures and having fun. I suppose they probably never realized that they would actually be recognized for it. But that’s the magic behind it.
To end of the awesome evening, Beatenberg took the stage. Now don’t get me wrong prior to this event I didn’t even know who Beatenberg were, until they played there 1st song and I realized I knew every word! That is what happens when you listen to the radio, jam to a song and not know who sings it. Must say, I will now always remember.

Maybe the above picture with these crazy eyes can get me an award :)

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