Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Revlon Colorstay: Liquid Liner

 I have been on the search for a Liquid Liner that doesn’t fade, is dark and has a good consistency for a while now. My colleague and I went and raided a department store and tried quite a few liquid liners, but I must admit this one was in my opinion is…GREAT.
The product consistency is perfect, not to watery and not to thick. I loved the fact that the black pigment was a deep black and the product itself is not streaky when applied.
PS: I have not yet perfected the perfect winged eye, but I wanted to show you how it looks when applied to an actual eye. I must admit this product sits very well to your eyelid, so good that at night it takes me quiet a while to remove.
So if you are wanting to give a new Liquid Liner a try, this Revlon Color Stay is a great option.

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