Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Alessia Store Opening

So straight after I popped into the Anniking event, I then had to scoot off as I was invited to a store opening called Alessia.
When we arrived we were offered a welcoming drink and some canapĂ©’s. The look and the feel of the store was beautifully laid out and the items was really must have pieces.
So as I was squishing around the store, I got approached by @48hourstv the conversation went something like this:
@48hourstv: You’re that fashion blogger right?
Me: errr yes?
@48hourstv: Great! I need you to tell me on camera, what your first impression is of the store and what you think the key items or colours are for women this season?
Me: errr give me 5minutes (giggles) I need to prep in my mind lol
@48hourstv: (literally 2minutes later) are you ready?

So the moral of the story is- always be prepared! I took the mic and rambled a few things. I was so nervous my hand was shacking uncontrollably lol But never the less I managed to utter a few things. I was reassured that @48hourstv would make me look amazing and that they would make me sound even better “I hope”
The crazy thing is I’m playing that moment over & over in my mind and have so many things I would want to say, but didn’t! I hate it when that happens. But nevertheless we learn and we grow!

So if you want to see my very nervous insert keep your eyes on DSTV channel 263 on the below time slots
Thursday: 7pm
Saturday: 6.30pm
Monday: 8am
 But never the less, it was an awesome event! Be sure to check out the store when your in the Sea point area.

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