Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Foreo Luna

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this Foreo Luna after all it is the 
Winner of “Innovation of the Year” by Swedish ELLE Beauty Awards 2014
. I have heard many rave reviews about it this product but it was only when I tried that I too was impressed. The benefits of using this product is absolutely amazing, all round cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin. Skin looks and feels firmer for a more youth-full appearance & the best part is that it improves the absorption of your favourite skincare products. 
So I combined the Foreo Luna with one of my favourite Gel Face cleansers and I love the results. My face somehow felt much cleaner than before and I love the way the brissels massages yet penetrates deep into your skin.
At first when using the Luna, the feeling is quiet an unusual sensation. I can now say after a few weeks i'm hooked. I love the fact that its waterproof and can now fit into my travel bag. I'm even finding that my daily face products absorbs into my skin much better than before. This product is 100% organic and the design is fully rechargeable for up to 450 beauty treatments at a time. There is no need to replace the brush heads and every device has a 2 year limited warranty and 10 year guarantee.

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