Monday, 24 November 2014

Get the sensuous summer feeling with LUX

I'm a huge body-wash fan and when I received the LUX with SilkEssence™ and Pink Floral Infusion I was immediately in-love with soft scent. These refreshing infusions will captivate your senses preparing you for any summer’s day. Indulgent, yet within reach of every woman, LUX Shake Me Up and LUX Wake Me Up have been crafted to accentuate your feminine, fun and playful side. Your skin will feel irresistibly soft, sensuous and refreshed. Something you must experience for yourself!
The LUX classic body wash, infused with delicate, refreshing and softening SilkEssence™, moisturizes and scents a woman’s skin leaving it irresistible to the touch. It only takes a few moments in the shower or bath to fall in love and discover your perfect LUX fragrance. And with eight different LUX fragrances there’s bound to be one especially for you.
Other Fragrances in the range: 
·       Soft Touch - For noticeably soft skin. With SilkEssence™ and Pink Floral Infusion.
·       Velvet Touch - For noticeably velvety skin. With SilkEssence™, Almond Oil and Opulent Bouquet.
·       Soft Caress - For noticeably smooth skin. With SilkEssence™ and Delicate White Flowers.
·       Sheer Twilight - For a long lasting, enchanting fragrance. With Fragrance Pearls™ of Black Orchid and Juniper Oil.
·       Scarlet Blossom - For a long lasting, mesmerising fragrance. With Fragrance Pearls™ of Egyptian Violet and Elemi Oil.

LUX 200 ml Body Wash R18.99
LUX 400 ml Body Wash R31.99
LUX 750ml Body Wash R51.99

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