Wednesday, 12 November 2014

L'oreal exclusive collection

So if you scroll through most of my pictures, you would see me sporting either bright pink Lipstick or a bold red lipstick. I just have this thing for a bold strong lip. I would always opt for a classic minimal eye and a strong lip. So when I received a press drop which included these L’oreal COLOR RICHE COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PURE REDS, trust me I was doing star jumps.
The new limited edition Pure Reds collection consists of four custom-made red shades that are tailored to four spokes models. Each Exquisite shade has a matte finish with an enriching, hydrating texture. Just for you – and your smile. 
Liya's red is a pure scarlet red that is designed to suit cool skin tones. It is a matte finish with a hydrating texture.
I am absolutely in love with both Frieda & Liya, it really suits my complexion so well and l love the Matte look. It stays on your lips way longer that the average lipstick. Try it out for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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